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Learn how to install a cell phone signal booster. The experts at weBoost give easy-to-understand, step-by-step directions that will get your new weBoost cell phone signal booster up and running in your home or workspace. Learn about the best placement for your antenna, how to extend cable connections, and maximizing the performance of your cell phone signal booster with proper installation.

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  1. I bought this and no matter what I do I just get a green and yellow blinking light….model 46000s. any ideas? is there an official minimum Db that is required? I can make a call by the window with about 1 bar, -98 db but the booster does nothing at al but the blinking light.

  2. I bought a unit that works okay but want to upgrade to a model with better coverage. So far I was just told they will call me back. Not too impressed the two employees I spoke with couldn't help.

  3. First, I purchased this unit from Best Buy, Canada…sorry, with NO manual inside the box. First frustration. Then I go on line and they tell me to install this antenna on the roof! Good grief! I have a three story house and am 60 years old! Doesn't sound like a SIMPLE 5 min installation to me. Thinking of returning this thing and going along as I have been for the last 4 years at this location. It's also very odd, we have 2, yes 2 Telus cell towers within 2 km of our residence.

  4. I definitely need to get one of these. Are there any restrictions on which carriers they work for? Do they need to be synched with a phone or tablet? and Do they have to be registered with the FCC?

  5. I sure wish I had one of these setups. My house is in a small "black hole" for cellular signals – I've checked online, and it's true for every carrier.
    Maybe I have a giant uranium deposit underground. I'm rich!
    Not likely… 🙁


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