How to Homebrew Your Wii U 5.5.3 and 5.5.4 SIMPLE GUIDE


Easy to follow guide on hacking your Nintendo wii u. Step by step – I SHOW EVERYTHING, one of the easiest guides to follow on how to install homebrew launcher / hack your wii u. This works on older versions and the newest operating system version for the Wii U. This will work on brand new devices and devices that already have games installed.

Full Tutorial:

WiiU Console:
Storage Device:
32gb SD card:
WiiU Controller:

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Capture Card |
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Keyboard |
Mouse |
Backdrop support |
Green Screen |

**This video is for educational purposes-


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  1. When I press run homebrew launcher on @t
    it loads the white screen and just stays there and my Wii u freezes. I've tried force shut down many times and restarting the process but nothing works. Help!

  2. can somebody reply back to me, i follow all the steps on the video all the way tp 18:30 where he installed the haxchi and after i try to open it the first time the screen turn black and i just see a " -3 " on the top left corner? what do i do someone please help !!!!!

  3. Thanks for the video. If anyone can help me I am very new to this and really lost. I have followed all of the steps. Haxchi is working great. The homebrew launcher icon gives me an error code of 199-9999 and causes me to restart my wii u. What am I doing wrong, and what is the homebrew launcher for?? I have no idea of the purpose of that lol. I am trying to download n64 games and gameboy games to my newly hacked wii u. Thank you!!

  4. At 8:52 when he drags the files onto the root of the sad card, do I merge or replace. Actually for all the times that he stages folders do we merge or replace

  5. When I try to install the homebrew channel it says install failed verify WUP files are correct and complete. DLC/E-shop requires sig patch please help

  6. when i want to leave the homebrew site ( and go back to the main menu, my wii u crashes and this error code appears: 160 0103. It says there is a problem with the system memory. pls help

  7. does anyone know how to load roms on retroarch from USB instead of SD:card please help my wiiU detects it but when i go into retroarch it says directory not found.

  8. It's cool, but why do they just make a zip file or all the folders, and we just add to the sd card? Would be so much easier.

  9. holy shit slow lol…maybe give people a second to do what ure doing…and properly read along with the txt page your referring from… thank you. This confused me more that the web page lol

  10. Followed this step by step and everything works!! For Mac users, don't overwrite the apps folder. Instead, drag and drop the files mentioned from wiiu –> apps and drag the rest of it to the root of your SD. Thanks for this tutorial man!!


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