How to hide or show Hard Disk / Partition in Windows 7


How to hide or show Hard Disk / Partition in Windows 7

NOTE: Make sure you close all the applications that might be using files from that partition and then click Yes, to continue the drive letter removal operation. the partition will never be available to users, unless you choose to unhide (mount) it.



  1. thank you very much for your help i did hide my disk by mistake and i didnt know what to do then i watched your video

  2. I have a different issue when I put my hard drive in a different caddy Western Digital 4 terabyte is Visible As unallocated space well the other adaptor caddy shows as everything normal with all my videos visible is there some kind of encryption going on if the hard drive caddy breaks all my data becomes useless That's Nightmare I was on Windows 7 Home Premium

  3. Thanks bro i just extend the partition space and its disappear from my computer and i watch your video and i get back my partition will all ma data bro you save my data thanks


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