HOW to HACK Windows Password using HIREN BOOTABLE USB!!!!!! in TAMIL!!!!!!!


Hello Guys, There will be lot of occasions where we will be forgetting our Windows Password, this is where our Hiren Boot uSB will come to rescue. All you gotta do is download the HBCD or Hire’s Boot CD in an USB and restart your Windows whenever you forgot your Password. when it is restarting you got to press Boot and enter the Boot menu, when you are in the Boot menu Make sure you insert your Hiren’s Boot USB in your System. And selet SRT USB in the Boot menu. Afetr selecting the SRT USB in boot, you will be entering a Windows XP boot, this is where it offers a platform to change or remove your Windows Password. Once you are inside the Windows XP, Go to START and Press HBCD MENU and inside you will see a lot of Options, and there will be a Option showing a Password change and you have to select it and Enter into the option of NTFW to change or remove your password. Fromm the options you gotta select your current User and when you select it you can see a box showing Change or Remove Password and You can change or remove password using this Option and finally you have to click Save changes and Restart Your Windows. And once it restarts you can enter into the windows without any password!!!!. Thank you guys for Watching!!!!!!


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