How To Fix SMART Hard Disk Error or Fix Hard Drive 301 Error?


This video offers a step by step solution to Fix SMART Hard Disk 301 Error.

SMART hard disk check Failure results in a 301 error. With the DIY solution, this video tells you a step by step multiple solutions for fixing ‘301 code error’. Watch now to know more.

1. When does hard drive show SMART error code 301?
The SMART hard disk error code 301 usually arises at the time when the computer or laptop boot.

2. What are the causes of hard drive S.M.A.R.T. error?
• SMART hard disk check Failure
• Broken IDE/SATA controller chip in the Motherboard

3. Solutions to fix SMART 301 hard drive error?
Solution 1: BIOS Menu
Solution 2: Run chkdsk
Solution 3: Verify a Drive for 301 Errors

4. What then is the Solution?

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  1. My computer sometimes cracks inside and shuts down the computer, it's a smart disk error, so whi h method should I use?

  2. Ironically my cat got on top of my computer and stood on the power button long enough to force it to shut down. I started getting S.M.A.R.T errors telling me my disk drive was going to fail. But after running Check Disk, I haven't gotten that error since. I'm just trying to figure out if it was a false positive or not. Because every test I've run says the drive is functional. Still considering getting a replacement drive.

  3. I only format the c drive uaing cmd and got the error now im not able to install windows and old windows was already formatted what to do.. I used dispart but didnot work i used checkdisk didnot work


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