How to Fix Hard Drive Disk 100% Usage (Official Dell Tech Support)


Watch how to fix hard drive disk 100% usage. Learn what to do to find and eliminate the causes when your task manager reveals that you are at high use and your computer is not performing well.
Read our Dell support article about 100% disk utilization for SSD.

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  1. Dont purchase dell, I have purchased dell inspiron 3584 on Oct 2019. Till date its not working properly, same configuaration hp is working good..I have raised complain for this several time, but of no use..Don't waste your money behind dell

  2. Still having these problems in 2020 ! Not impressed, I selected a higher end Dell business laptop and it hasn’t been right for months. Regular stalling and other issues, even under light general office process use. In total I must have lost several days due to the stalling, IT visits, complete re-installs, new RAM installation etc etc.
    My colleague in another team has been having the exact same problems. Unfortunately for you Dell, we both select our hardware supplier for our teams and the damage is done. We will be looking elsewhere from now on !

  3. This crap didn't work for me. If you want to fix this, change your performance plan from balanced (default) to high performance. It fixed my 100% disk problem. It still spikes at times but not continuously on 100% like it once was.

  4. We bought 2 Dell Inspiron laptops last year for us to use on an extended stay in Florida. Didn't have time to research. Both had/still have the same issue straight out of the box of 100% CPU usage. Despite doing everything tech support told us to do, we saw no improvement. This time, we're not rushed to buy new laptops so I've had time to do some research. DH is now the very happy owner of a new Lenovo (soon to buy a second one for me). Blazing fast even with a lot of multitasking going on! If anyone's interested, the model # is Flex 15 (81SR0000US). Bought it at Office Depot. Our Dell laptops are paperweights, soon to be in a landfill.

  5. I have tried every option available out there. None fixed the issue, except adding more Physical memory. Not storage, Memory.

  6. "The primary culprits are malware."

    Me: 100% disk out of the box from best buy.

    Also me: Best buy or dell are putting viruses on peoples products.

  7. I found out it is the Intel Turbo Boost (automatic overclocking inside the CPU) in i5 and i7 CPUs that causes this after many painful years struggling with this. Turn it off in your BIOS and the system works fine. Seems like a CPU or BIOS bug.

  8. It is an annoyance of the most degrading level to have a computer that simply can not run well although it has good specs. Been trying literally EVERYTHING and the problem persists since day one (TWO FREAKING YEARS AGO).

  9. Hindsight is definitely 20/20. Next computer I buy will definitely be researched on you tube first! I thought my situation was unique!

  10. I also purchased a new Dell Vostro 5568 directly from Dell. I have 100% disc usage issue, screen freezes, blue and black screens. So slow it's excruciating and I go back to my old labtop. 2 Dell Techs via remote access cannot fix it. Now, like many of you, Dell says I have to pay $220 for the Software Warranty service to get my brand new laptop fixed. It's never worked right from day 1. I see now this is an issue with many other customers. Trying to get any resolution from Dell seems useless. I was a long time Dell customer, but not anymore.

  11. Dell is a piece of shit company that sells faulty laptops. Just bought my Ispiron 15 2558, guess what. Boots up like a fossil taking 15 minutes (my gaming pc next to me takes 15 seconds). 100% disk usage is the culprit. Checked resource monitor (took 2 minutes to open) – just says "system" as hogging all the disk. WTF!? Dell you are fucking shit.

  12. i dont understand i spent 1k dollars in this piece of shit and still 100% disk usage ive tried for 6 months to fix it and nothing u guys are a fucking scam

  13. Hello sir i have hard drive problem..and when ePSA scan is running it detect the problem of this kind..
    Service tag:JRFJTJ2
    Error code:2000-0151
    Validation:126929…so i request u to make video to fix this problem

  14. its 2019 and guess what this problem still exist lol i have a dell 5570 and this is also my problem been searching for the solution but still cant fix it then i have read some that this has been the dells issue im so disappointed with dell

  15. If you take Windows 7 Windows 10 XP Windows 3.1 98 SE and combine any of those with Dell they suck because Dell sucks XP is fine and dandy but Microsoft can't make any money off of one old ass operating system no matter how good it was they have to make jobs in Pakistan and India or even though they work cheap and they know their stuff they still make garbage and they don't care about the user they do it the way they want to in the hell with you Dell is crap Dell has always been crap my Dell detect the hard drive sometimes doesn't detect the hard drive it will not detect the CD-ROM either I wonder if this is a battery problem

  16. disabling the MSI mode in AHCI drivers did it for me. My Dell is at full speed now.ón-de-disco-con-el-modo-msi-activado?lang=es

  17. Useless, out-of-date advice.

    My PC has turned into a paper weight. I hate Windows 10. The bells and whistles aren't worth a damn if the PC can't function.

  18. I have Dell inspiron 5558 , 8GB ram ,i5 5th generation.It always shows 100% disk uses in task manager .I am not able to play any game smoothly..please help

  19. Dell, you need to get your crap together. It's 2019 and I'm having this problem. And I'm NOT about to have someone tell me I need a new computer; this one has not been over-used and is only a few years old, and in great condition. We shouldn't have to be forced into buying new laptops every four years because you dont want to fix the issues with your previous models. I'm frustrated and about done with your computers.

  20. pathetic, a $1000 all in one computer with intel 7th generation i7, 12GB RAM, 2TB HDD, is even slower than an old granny pc

  21. My daughter just bought a dell inspirion 7000 and just waiting for it to arrive. If it has this problem out of the is going to be shpped right back. The last dell laptop kept shutting off and restarting once or twice a day on its own and dell could not resolve that issue. It wil be the last dell will buy.

  22. This is really Fucking video… You mother fucker what you updated here wile the user describe that there is no other application install in the laptop except OS.Then what the fucking thing you have updated Madharchod…. why are you wasting our time…

    It can be solved from BIOS only by choosing drive connectivity option ex. – SATA , RAID etc…

  23. Ahh .. Dell … where job #1 is blame everything else. Dell. "We know what's wrong but won't tell you until you pay $200 for support."

  24. I am using Dell Vostro 14 3468 and facing problem of 100% disk usage. I have tried every thing Dell told, and all for no results.
    I will never ever buy Dell again.

  25. Hello, I'm having the same issue that everyone here is having. My computer is supposed to have 1T hard drive space, 4G RAM plus an extra 16 G of SSD RAM or something like that. I hardly have any programs on it, I just got it last week and sat down today to set it up. I spent all day and all it does is fill up memory, say that disk is at 100%. I thought it must be a mistake since there's not really anything on the drive except my MS office 2010 and a couple of small programs. I house my files in iCloud and Dropbox, and this is brand new so I have saved nothing on the actual computer yet. This seems to be some sort of defect. I sent my message to Twitter, so hopefully someone gets back with me. I purchased the extra service agreement support (like I do for all computers/laptops). It even does this just being on Chrome, when all I have is one website open. You shouldn't have to reformat a brand new computer. I was debating MAC or another PC (always had PCs) and went with PC…seems like this was not the right decision to make. Hopefully there's the chance to return if it doesn't work.

  26. I had same problem. i disabled all the services except microsoft services using msconfig in run and my 100% problem is gone. Please try this. it helped me .When i tell dell about this they told me that my laptop comes with ubuntu so they cannot assist me on windows 10 and i have to pay to get assisted online. i think this is due to the faulty drivers and differet kinds of services that runs in background. Dell really needs to check this driver issue or whatever it is and inform all the costomer about this problem.
    Please like and reply this post if this helped you and let the dell know the issue.

  27. This whole issue is total bullsh*t. Just the fact that something like this occurs in 2018 is stunning for me. DELL, go fix Your architecture.


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