How To Fix Flickering or Flashing Screen on Windows PC/Laptops


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In this tutorial, I will be showing you 4 possible ways to fix the problem of flickering or flashing screen in Windows, be it Windows 7, 8, or 10. The level of this flickering or flashing may vary depending on what could be causing the problem in your case. Yours might not be as bad as the one fixed in this tutorial, however one or two of the suggestions in this video could help with any level of flickering and flashing you might be experiencing, including very severe ones like the case with this laptop.

1. First is the issue with display drivers.
2. Try disabling Windows Error reporting services. i.e. Windows Error Reporting Service and Problem Reporting and Solution.
3. Check for incompatible applications.
4. Check the refresh rate of you LCD monitor.


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  2. thnxx Sir.. my leptop is working. thank you so much.. i was suffering form couple of days with this issue.. final this problem has fixed..

  3. Thank you so much for this super helpful video. Your video is by far the most simple to follow and easy to understand and the pace at which you show the examples of how it's done is perfect, so many videos go way too quickly! The first fix worked for me, thank you!

  4. Worked for me love you i thought i have to soend my time during lockdown due to covid 19 without gaming lub you♥️♥️

  5. Thank you so much! You helped me not throw my laptop against the wall! LOL The thing that worked was unchecking the Windows Error Reporting and Problem Reports boxes and then restarting the computer. Would have never guessed that was the problem. I have an HP notebook and something always seems to go wrong after an update. Thanks again – You are the Best! 👍😊

  6. I did the first step and its still flickering, And my pc is a windows 7, However it stopped for a while and it returned.

    Can you help the problem here? This is the only pc i have.

  7. I can't troubleshoot my laptop anymore after disabling the display drivers. Screen is still bad but now I can't display another screen to even try and update it

  8. Mine started when i start my laptop. the flickering or white flash starts to appear. then turn normals on log in screen. BUT there is one white line appear on the top of my screen. Horizontal.
    There is a time, when it will start flickering, like my screen starts to blur and my mouse is almost like a ninja you can see the mirage….
    Some times when i play games which have dark enviroment or the loading screen is black on the top. The white lines will flicker. But din't flicker if not dark/black.
    And no, i din't drop or smack my laptop. Though it did have some collision when i bring it.

  9. My laptop screen flashes black almost like it's starting up again and again on the home screen so I can't do anything, it might have been because I installed something that isn't compatible, what do I do?

  10. I think I know what causes my laptop to keeps on flickering sometimes, because 5 months ago I upgrade my Laptop's RAM and I need to open it's cover and remove the motherboard, and the connector from the monitor I need also to unplug that, maybe that is the reason that is why my Laptop keeps on flickering and flashing.

  11. My surface pro 4 flickers after like using it for 30 minutes of no problem… Is it a display or flex cable issue?

  12. the first one works for me, but after a long shutdown of laptop when i open it again. The flickering is happening again.. i tried uninstalling the driver but it's not the Microsoft Basic Adapter..

  13. Problem with mine .its flickering then I can access any file .it just goes back to the home screen when I try clicking on icons

  14. Thank you so much, for some reason my 75Hz monitor was set to a 30Hz refresh rate and you video really helped in solving my problem

  15. l had just the issue you describe and followed your steps. Computer is now fixed thanks. l found to get some stability to carry out the process. Remove the battery and charger press the on off button for about 45 seconds and with luck you establish a bit of stability.


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