How To Fix "Explorer.Exe" Error On Windows 10/8/7


Fixing explorer.exe application error/explorer.exe element not found on Windows 10 or how to fix explorer.”exe” error problems on windows 10 and also for all previous version of windows. here I am showing on windows 10 2017-2018 but it will work for windows 8.1/windows 8/windows 7/xp/vista. After watching this on voice quick tutorial hope your problem will be fixed.

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  1. thats a big NOPE.

    tried everything, im taking it into a shop that fixes computers….let them deal with this shit, i'll gladly pay to rid me of this headache

  2. assalamualaikum…….a want to say thank you for created this video and helped me solve the problem….my problem is…my explorer just suddenly crash and i dont know why…..i tried many method but this method work on my laptop……i know some people will say this is just shit…but for me its usefull…..if someone out there are still have a problem with their laptop….there are many method that can u use…..i say this is based on my experiece….thamks you again….and sorry if my grammer is terrible….

  3. what is the difference? Delete explorer.exe and then type explorer.exe
    I do not believe in this video. And it seems to be not working according to other viewers.


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