How to fix check cable connection! no bootable device detected


ERROR FIXED:-Cable connection! No bootable device detected***insert best disc and press any key…
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  1. My All Personal Documents are in My leptop. And my leptop screen saw "Check cable Connection" and "Exiting intel PXE ROM"
    Any Help please
    How i Operate my laptop without losing My Personal Documents…

  2. Do you guys not have a good taste in background music to go with the video. Fucking my brain has the cable connection error now. good video but downvoting due to horrible sound effects

  3. And just how much is a replacement HDD gonna cost? I only paid like $278 for my laptop, but that was like six years ago.

  4. Менял бы тогда весь ноутбук на новый! дятел, решил называется проблему… Ещё музыку такую наложил, как-будто пентагон взламывает 🙂

  5. UntiI really need help acer aspire e5-7526 laptop. windows 10. I cant boot into windows I have received error codes 0xcd000000f. and oxc0000185…. and when I tried to restore with my back up disk I got this message…cylicredundancy check ox800070017…and I/0 device error. can someone please please help my email is


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