How to fix bootable USB BLACK SCREEN with cursor blinking.


This is a tutorial on how to fix the bootable USB black screen with cursor blinking when installing Windows.Watch full video to know how to fix it.If this video finds you helpful please subscribe,like and share.



  1. Unfortunately didn’t work for me. Have tried on both usb and cd on laptop. Windows still works but I’m trying to do fresh install . Soon as bios goes off I get flashing line with cd or press any key for usb. Both just hang there.

  2. thank you! I had a 32 bit pc with no uefi and had a black screen. After changing the settings to mbr, I was able to install windows 8!

  3. bro, i formatted disk and installed windows 10 using media creation tool; now when I run windows 10 setup from setup.exe file inside usb drive; it runs to setup correctly

    but when I want to setup from boot; the pc doesn't boot from flash drive? It skips to normal windows

  4. So wait i have the black screen with the blinking _ happening but how do i Get On to download that iv tried so many videos and key commands i just cant get past the black screen

  5. does this work for windows 10? I see you used windows 7 in the video. edit: just did it with windows 10 and it works. you sir are a god


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