How to Fix Blue Screen of Death on Windows 8


We’ll do some simple troubleshooting to fix the blue screen of death on Windows 8 or Windows 7.
Retrieve lost data if computer fails to start because of blue or black screen of death:

Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 discs work interchangeably
You can grab a Windows 8 iso file from torrents
I have a few videos for creating a Bootable USB Flash Drive of Windows 8:

Create Windows 8 Bootable USB on Windows:

Create Windows 8 Bootable USB on Ubuntu:

You want to boot into your Bootable USB Flash Drive with Windows on it.
Use F12 (normally) to get into Boot Options and Boot into Windows Bootable USB Storage Device
The key could also be F2

We follow a few steps to try to fix the Blue Screen of Death
1) We try Startup Repair (if this works, you’re done)
2) If Startup Repair does not work, then you should try System Restore
(System Restore does not affect files or documents) (However, it may uninstall programs up to that point)
Trial and error, you try a restore point, and you should be back in business.


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  1. My computer had a BSoD…windows 8. I just let the battery die and switched it on again. It worked. I have now disconnected it from the internet so as to remove certain apps…like microsoft teams….plus i will also save everything in a back up drive…this teaches one a lesson

  2. Hello I download my windows on USB but when I select my USB in boot manager it says Media test failure, check cable. No boot device found. Can anyone help pls? :/

  3. For me it says :"No restore points have been created on your computer's system drive. To create a restore point, open system protection."
    Then i just clicked on the "system protection" but it said:"system protection is available only in online operating system."

  4. im getting BSOD + error message, then it says its automatically repairing, then it restarts, then there's a different error message, and the whole process keeps repeating. pressing F12 or F8 has no effect…is it proper fucked i wonder?

  5. Can this delete my acc or my files pls help me im really getting in trouble by my mom pls help me 😢😢😭😭😭

  6. Bro, what if(BSOD), when I plugged in bootable USB , it is not booting but when I removed the #Hard_disc_drive then it is booting so how will it fix plzzzzzzz help me😮

  7. Don't waste your time with this garbage… If you drive is not encrypted, boot into Linux live (pick your flavor; Ubuntu, Debian, w/e) mount your NTFS (Windows based) file system, copy the contents to a USB stick… install either Windows 7, or better install those linux live versions directly onto teh same HDD you just pulled those files from and let Windows 8 rot.

  8. help.. When I click system restore and reach the part where I must confirm disks restore, the next button is not activated. So i'm just stuck..

  9. These videos aren't helping me… Mine says it has ran into a problem and needs to restart and it's stuck on the same blue screen and I'm not able to restart it because the screen froze

  10. Excuse me. I try your way but my laptop always show the error again after the choice repair your computer. Please tell me what to do immediately.

  11. My computer gave an error of having a virus called SPR/HackKMS.233032 then it said restart your computer or it will be at risk. Then my computer restarted it self then screen of death showed up. Now I cannot do anything no matter what I try. Every option to save my computer failed. Can anyone help?

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  14. well that's good because that's what I'm searching not in my computer on my phone

  15. I tried doing system restore but it shows system restore failed because an antivirus is currently enabled on your computer with some kind of error ? Anybody can help me with this?

  16. In my Country Pakistan I have Windows 8 and it is in the Repair shop,My PC will come back after Eid I love this Video this will fix my PC back!!!

  17. l formatted my PC to install a new windows 10 OS. When l try to install the OS l get a blue screen of death then the PC restarts over and over again.l have tried using different operating systems like Win 7 and 8 still l encounter the same problem and l also tried using a different hard drive and l still have the same problem. Prior it was working okay ..PC name Sager P650RE3


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