How to fix and install Any Fitgirl Repack GTA 5 Game ISDone.dll on Windows 10


Here’ You can Fix Fitgirl Repacks..
For more understanding watch New video :

Download directx files
For Crack :
Gta 5 fitgirl repack stopped working that how to install gta 5 fitgirl repack
How To Fix Any Fitgirl Repack GTA 5 Lolly Edition on Windows 10 fitgirl repack while installation ISDone.dll on Windows 10 error code or IsArc
fix installation of fitgirl during installation ..
an error occur when unpacking or An error occurred while decompressing: Archive header is corrupt!
uanc.dll return an error code:-
ERROR: archive data corrupted (decompression fails)
Or ztool stoped working..
or start error in the module ISExec
ERROR: file operation failed
ERROR: this is not FreeAc archive or this archive is corrupt
unarc.dll error code -1 fitgirl
Don’t be panic if looks stuck
If stuck then try again

Fitgirl Repack Fixing for windows 10
watch my other video for windows 7

Note before insatallation these steps are
for only Windows 7 Sp1 or Windows 10


I’ll show you that how to insatll fitgirl
repack games in simple steps

just follow my Troubleshoot

Step 1:
Disable or uninstall antivirus.. or uninstall unwanted softs

step 2:
Turn off your u.a.c or
change user Accuount control settings..go to control panel

Step 3:
turn off your disturber messages..

Step 4:
low down your security level or
turn off Windows Defender..just disable it

Step 5:
change compatibilty of setup..set to windows 7

Step 6:
make a short path for installation
eg: C:GamesGrand Theft Auto 5..

disable your background aps or softs..

instructions while installation
due to low RAM, less than 6gb installation may be crash :[
don’t tease or move setup during installation..
leave the setup till installation has been completed successfully..

don’t be panic if it will look stucks..

after installation u can turn on ur defenders 🙂

once done installation u can skip chking..

thank you very much for watching my video guys..i love you all..


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  1. for more understanding
    please do not download from the other sites fitgirl repack has a official site .

  2. please can u help me ??
    i did everything that u said in your video , but i still have the same problem !!
    please help .

  3. Hey sir help me i did all this steps by step but i got
    with this error

    An error occurred while decompressing: Archive header is corrupt!

    Unarc.dll returned an error code: -14 ERROR: this is not FreeArc archive or this archive is corrupt

  4. My setup.exe is permanent deleted by my anti virus can you help to give me pleasz put setup .Exe on your google drive and send link please


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