How To Fix 100% Disk Usage in Windows 10


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UPDATE: Superfetch is now termed “SysMain” in Windows 10 Version 1809

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In this tutorial, I will be demonstrating a number of ways to fix the problem of 100% disk usage in Windows, especially Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Some typical signs of this problem include an obvious slowdown in the overall performance of your windows, system lags, unresponsive apps and processes, disk utilization percentage nearing or consistently on 100%, unusually loud noise from the cooling fan as if your processor or graphics card is under extreme use. The following suggestions were covered in this video:

1. Disable Windows Search Service
2. Check your disk defragmentation configuration
3. Update your device drivers
4. Disable Superfetch
5. Reset Virtual Memory
6. Check the configuration of your AHCI PCIe
7. Disable Windows Update Service
8. Disable Automatic Windows Update Service:

If everything fails, you might consider backing up your files and reinstalling Windows. If you set to do that, you can check the procedure I showed in this video:
on how to back up your files before installing a fresh copy of Windows.

Written instructions for some of this suggestions can be found from Minitool:


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  2. I really would like to thank you so much for getting rid of my frustration and speeding up my computer. Just doing step one and disabling the Windows search has fixed my problem. Thank you again for sharing.

  3. i swear my disk prctg were 100, when i watched this vid suddenly it went back down to normal. this video itself its the cure LOL

  4. If none of the above work then temporarily disable your antivirus.

    I had AVG running and disk usage dropped off of a cliff.

    And the reason I even started looking into the disk usage was because I couldn't open a specific app. The moment I disabled this, I was able to open it.

  5. I have 4 harddrives, 1 1tb m.2 with as my boot, 1 2tb external hdd, 1 10tb external hdd, and 1 4tb internal hdd, this is where i keep my games and some mic, i disabled then re enabled it after restarting, it worked for a moment then back to 100 usage, im lost

  6. windows 10 is the worst Operating System… i still have 8 years old Hdd running in my laptop on win 7, windows 10 has crashed my 3 Hdds in one year…..

  7. Wow first step worked perfectly. I disabled that along with other services I dont need like print spooler, stopped adobe auto update out of curiosity, and I think that was it. Didnt even restart and Disk went down to 0%. Thank you

  8. Great video! I am a tech and this is a great comprehensive video. This is such a common problem with windows 10 this helped me fix the problem I was having fast!


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