How to Fix "0xc000000e: Windows Failed to Start" boot error


How to fix the bootmgr Windows Boot Manager error “0xc000000e Windows Failed to Start: The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible” without a Windows setup DVD (or if the Windows setup DVD fails to repair the problem) using Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows by NeoSmart Technologies. Easy Recovery Essentials download link:

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  1. This is an advertisement/tutorial for paid software. If you came here thinking that you were going to find an unpaid solution to your problem, look elsewhere. The tutorial video, very conveniently, does NOT show the "Pay" part of the download window. Disappointing …

  2. I was very skeptical. My Win 7 disk repair couldn't fix my boot disk. I bought the download and followed the instructions. My system was really messed up but after 2 reboots IT WORKED!

  3. I was dreading the thought getting another computer and creating a boot disk and all that stuff when I voice inside my head told me to check the connection to my solid state that my operating system is on and sure enough the cable wasn't plugged in all the way unplugged it plugged it back in and Eureka it works

  4. Buy a new or a refub. That's what I'm going to do. It froze up about 6 months ago and never restarted again. Dumpster for it, after a $60 diag check which turned up a failed HD which is BS because it works n my back-up PC. Never trust shops, that's why I do my own auto mechanics too. They're just in it to turn a high profit. Sorry, didn't work. They got my $60 tho, so I guess I lost either way.

  5. I was completely stuck with a machine on installation of an identical motherboard and this software saved my bacon, literally. I was very concerned first and had nowhere to turn. But it worked without issue. well done whoever is behind this. and thanks


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