How to Factory Reset / Erase / Wipe Nintendo Switch –


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For How to Factory Reset / Erase / Wipe Nintendo Switch you first need to go into your settings. Then you will want to scroll all the way down to system and then scroll down to initialize console and then confirm the reset.



  1. I have to update in order to delete everything……makes sense. To bad I only have a mobile hotspot with slow download speed.

  2. If you factory reset the Switch, will it erase the games you have downloaded? If not does it return the data/gigabytes you used for the games? will you need to use even more data to get the game back?

  3. What if I put my credit card information and factory reset my Nintendo switch to return it and the person that buys it will they be able to buy things using my credit card please I need help.

  4. a person is going to change a Nintendo switch for something he wants if I have and he is offering me the games that are inside the digital games system that you buy through the Nintendo store I would like to know how I could save them or games for me to play with them and that he did not scan me


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