How to Decrypt Drive


Learn how to decrypt an encrypted drive. Learn how to turn off the bitlocker option and remove encryption from a drive.

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In this tutorial, we will teach you how to decrypt drive. For the purpose of this tutorial, we have already encrypted a removable disk. We will teach you how to decrypt it and remove encryption from this removable disk in this tutorial.

Step 1 — Open Computer

Follow this step by step guide in order to learn how to decrypt drive.
First of all, click on the start button and from the start menu, open the Computer.

Step 2 — Unlock drive

For the purpose of this tutorial, we have already created an encrypted removable disk. We will right click on the drive and from the drop down menu, select the unlock drive option.

Step 3 — Enter password in drive encryption

As a result, the bitlocker drive encryption window will open. Over there, you’d have to enter the password for the drive. Once you are done, hit the enter key in order to unlock.

Step 4 — Open bitlocker

Now go back to the start menu and open the control panel. From there, go to system and security and then click on the bitlocker drive encryption option.

Step 5 — Turn off bitlocker

Once there, go to the removable drive region and click on the turn off bitlocker option. As a result, a pop up will appear on your screen informing you that your drive will be decrypted. Click on the decrypt drive button in order to proceed.

Step 6 — Decrypt drive

As a result, the decryption will begin. You can monitor the decryption process from the bitlocker dialog box. Once the decryption has completed, click on the close button to exit the dialog box.

Step 7 — Encryption removed

Now open computer and locate the removable drive that was just decrypted. Right click on it and select the eject option. You’d be prompted with a warning message. Click on the continue button to eject the drive. Once done, we will plug in the removable drive again and will open it. You will notice that there is no encryption anymore and the contents of the drive will be visible to you. In this manner, you can decrypt a drive.


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  1. I added Bitlocker to my drive on a computer i cant access anymore and i cant remove it on my computer. is there anything i can do?

  2. Can you tell me why my stupid drive keeps encrypting files and i cant copy them onto my other pc. Whats the point of backing up files if you can copy them to your pc? Mine has no unlock drive function.

  3. A hacker has encrypted and locked my usb hard drives. He wants $300 to undo it. Any suggestions? No, don't say pay it.

  4. I am unable to find the price for this software.  I have already gone through another scam where I was led to believe that it was free.  At the end of two days, it looked like there had been a recovery, Except, as soon as I clicked on recover, I got a shock and a nasty reply.  Anyway, how much is it  for this software?

  5. I need your help on this. I need to decrypt my usb drives and gain access to the files hidden in the password protected folders. without bitlocker, can you help me do this?


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