How to Create a Reanimator USB Drive with Windows PE to Boot Your Computer 👨‍💻 💊 💻


👍 Watch how to create a USB reanimator with Windows PE to help you boot your computer without an operating system. Such USB drive will not only allow you to boot a full-fledged Windows without installing it, but also use various software to check your HDD, search and remove viruses, create new partitions and so on.

You may need such flash drive if your computer’s operating system fails to boot, if it needs to be cleaned from viruses, if you want to restore its normal work or recover important data.

There are several ways how to create a reanimator USB drive or Live CD on your own, but it takes certain skills and experience. To my mind, it is easier and more convenient to use a ready-made reanimator build based on a boot disk. For example, well-known builds by sergeistrelec.

In order to use a reanimator boot disk:
• Download it by following the link in the description:
• As a result, you will get an archive. It contains several files and folders.
In our case, the main file is WinPE10 – the image of the boot disk. In order to use it, you should save it to a flash drive.
• That is why, extract it first. The password to the archive is shown in the webpage where it was downloaded from, and I will give it in the description of this video (strelec).
• In the archive, in the folder named “Record to Flash Drive,” the author has also put several programs for writing the reanimator image to a flash drive.
• As I already know such program as UltraISO, I will use it.
• I start it.
• Now select File / Open and specify the .iso file of the boot disk.
• After that, insert the flash drive into a USB port and select Bootable / Write Disk Image
• Specify the flash drive
• And click “Write.”
• That’s all – the bootable USB drive is ready.

Now if you need to boot your computer with the flash drive you have just created:
• Insert it into a USB port of the computer and set it to boot from the USB drive

You can watch a detailed guide on how to do it in another video on our channel “How to Enter BIOS or UEFI and Boot Your PC From a USB Drive (find the link in the description:

• After that, the computer will boot showing you this kind of window:
• This is where you can choose to boot from the USB drive, find and boot a selected operating system or test your system memory.
• Select booting from the USB drive – “Boot USB…”
• Files are loaded, and the operating system starts to boot from the flash drive.
• When this process is over, you will see that the operating system of the reanimator USB drive has an interface similar to Windows 7.
• I’d like to point out that in the folder This PC you will find all disks of your computer there. In my case, there is disk C. It means that with little effort you can copy all necessary files from disk C to any other disk connected to your computer or to a removable disk, and then feel safe to reinstall your operating system with disk formatting.
• Depending on what you want to do, you can start and use one of the many pre-installed programs. All of them are available in the menu Start / Programs
• They include antivirus software, system backup and restore utilities as well as data recovery programs (including Hetman Partition Recovery:
• In addition, at this stage you can defragment or format your disks and so on.
• Please note the shortcuts on the desktop. The author of this build has also taken care to let users:
 have access to Disk Management menu which you can use to delete, create or format a partition and so on.
 connect network drives, for example, to copy data to such drives
 Access Device Manager if you need to fix problems with one of your devices (for example, reinstall drivers)
 You can unlock a disk encrypted with Bitlocker
 You can start a Diskpart command in the command prompt and do many other things.

Now you can see that a reanimator disk or reanimator USB drive will come in handy in a situation, when the operating system fails in a computer with important data and reinstallation can result in a loss of data.

To finish with, I’d like to remind you that you can also create a reanimator USB drive or LiveCD on your own. It is possible if you use special software for boot disks, such as the free program AOMEI PE Builder and the like. When you work with such software, you can even improve your reanimator drive by adding the programs which you want to have for your special needs.

You can find the link to AOMEI PE Builder in the description:

That is all for now.
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