how to connect two pc for data sharing using LAN cable in windows 8/10 in few minutes


now i am going to show you how to connect two pc just in few minutes

connect two pc using internet connection cable
right click on internet acess and then on open network and sharing
click on connection Ethernet -properties-internet protocol version
ipv4- use the following ip address

on pc 1
ip add
sub net mask
default gateway

on pc 2
ip add
sub net mask
default gateway

please note one thing you have to give permission
of sharing the files and full access control
by right clicking on
drive- properties- security- edit- add- advance- find-
everyone and allow all access by checking all the blokes

then right click on mycomputer-
manages- foldersharing-

please dont forgot to change the ip address to automatic ip address after comlpeting sharing



  1. i follow all the steps but it still says that i need the permission from the adminisration
    can you help me solve this

  2. hello, I tried your method to connect two laptops, but when I get to the "New Share", I click on "More Actions" button and the only choice for me is "Help", what do you think is the problem.
    Thank You


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