How To connect HD Multi Room TV, 1 source to 4 TVs using HDMI Splitters / Amplifiers


Hi, this video shows you how to connect up a Virginmedia Set Top Box and a ROKU 2 XS media player (you can use Apple TV, Blu-Ray, DVD etc.) to 4 TVs using 2 HDMI splitters. The HDMI splitters have 1 input to 4 outputs so 4 TVs can simultaneously show the same display. This is ideal if you want the flexibility to watch your equipment in any room. The HDMI Splitters transmit full HD (1080p) so there is no loss of quality. The video also shows an IR (infrared) Kit to transmit the Virginmeida Rmeote control to all 4 TVs. The Roku 2XS uses Bluetooth which struggles to transmit outside the under stairs cupboard so I use the Android and Apple App for the Roku remote control which uses WiFi to allow you to control the Roku and it works really well. The down side of this install apart from the time and money spent on the installation is that you have to watch the same thing on all 4 TVs.
Many thanks Vince


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  1. The best hdmi splitter is from , Maybe you can have a look !

  2. my hdmi splitter the light is blinking only can show on 1 tv the other tv cannot. whats the problem? thank you in advance

  3. I’v got a multi room box for my bedroom it’s only got two leads ones the plug where does the other lead go in we know it goes with my tv as I’m ternially I’ll tryin to put it on a ladder and front doir opened then I’v fell of my ladder and I don’t know where the other lead go please hun my email is does it have to connect with my outside Ariel as it says plug it in a phone point where §….????? Please

  4. I’m having trouble here and needing help. So we’ve set up multiple screens/tv at church to display the hymns and whatnot during a service. Display and everything is fine, but my problem is turning on all the screens one by one with the remote controller. So if I show up late to church, I’d have to walk all the way to the front and use the remote to turn on every single screen while everyone gives me the evils lol.

    I’m wondering if anyone can help me find a way where I can just sit from the control room at the back and just have one switch to turn on all of the screens without the hassle of walking up to each screen, point the freaking remote at it and turn on? Any help is much appreciated.

  5. Imagine watching something inappropriate and forgetting it’s playing on every tv in the house😂😂😂😂

  6. I have 1 iptv box which is a paid subscription and i have another spare box as well. I need to know if i can watch 2 tvs simultaneously different channels. I mean different programs.

  7. Hi , i have 2 iptv boxes. But only one subscription. Can i use the spare box for another tv by using one subscription?

  8. Was going to ask a question, but seems in comments other people have but no replies. I don't understand why people won't answer questions.

  9. Its this splitter works for an AV reciever..becouse i ask to a best buy guy and he told me no and i need to purchase 2 recievers. The reciver ther have its 2 outputs and i told him if i can use 1 out put and parallel 2 tv to that output and 2 tvs to the second output, and he sad no, you need 2 recievers…

  10. dude i done this with what splitters you got with sky tv and had the cable rung to the box so i could turn the sky box over from another room but i have moved over to virgin now so was wondering is there anything i could get to be able to turn it over from another room

  11. I have set it up as you have said for 2 TVs . Picture is perfect but no audio. Probably something simple I’m not doing.


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