How To Connect a Cable Box To a TV using HDMI Wire Comcast Xfinity


This video will show you how to connect and hook up a Comcast Xfinity cable box to your HDTV using a HDMI wire.


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  1. I followed all the steps, however, I can not locate the power cord that came w/ the cable box so I tried some randoms similar power cords & the box starts to make a muted static-like sound but the power button doesn’t light up or turn the box in. So I have to get another power cord from xfinity?

  2. hello how are you I have a question does the same thing go for optimum cable as well I just moved and have a pretty old tv I.was wondering do u have to do the same for that or just get a new tv

  3. hello i just moved in to a new building we have free xfinity cable but i need to buy an xfinity box do you know how that works can i buy it ? and what model also is it just plug and watch or do i need to activate it ?

  4. My tv has only one HDMI port and  using it for the cable box and tv connection.  I need to add another netgear box and bought a splitter box which has a four more ports.  I don't know what goes where.  I played with it.  and I got a static picture and didn't give an option on my tv sourse for other choice except tv .    Please can you help me

  5. I want to connect to Sony blu-Ray DVDs home theater system model BDV-N5200W to hdmi in back of cable box. The box is Comcast model Explorer 4250HDC

    I get great hdmi picture but no sound please help

  6. i have an old model LG Monitor and Tv. However the language is Korean I think…am trying to learn how to hook up the tv with the top box since it keeps saying no signal. any aevice?

  7. hey would this Comcast box worked for my MHL cable's to connect to my tv, since my HD TV doesn't have the HDMI input.?

  8. So Im just going to have the Comcast infinity modem for internet , the HDMI cable , I want to be able to watch my netflix how will I hook it up?

  9. Question man I just got a 55'' lg 1080p 60hz tv and I have my hdmi cable connected to my ps4 to play games of course but what I need to know is that in order for me to watch "hd" channels do I need the cable box? I know it might sound like a stupid question but I don't know much about this kind of stuff.

  10. They told me I didn't need an HDMI cable.  I am getting no picture or sound.  Cables are hooked up the right way and everything.  I actually did go by an HDMI cable for 15 bucks.  Didn't fit in the cable box.  This is BS

  11. I'm having a problem. So I have cable internet and a router that is using the wall coax cable. The coax cable that goes into the cable in part of the xfinity box connects to the back of my tv and I still don't have a picture. I called Comcast and of course they weren't any help. After 30 mins, I'm still getting the same error message. So perhaps it's the box or something else I am missing. There is no other port that connects from the cable internet to the cable box so I'm not sure what else there is to do.


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