How To Clean Adidas ZX 4000 FutureCraft 4D With Reshoevn8r!


What is up Reshoevn8r Family! Today, Quinn Almighty will be showing you how to clean these Adidas ZX 4000 4D with Reshoevn8r’s Ultimate Kit. Adidas continues to lead the way with new materials such as the 4D midsole. Being the first in the market to really utilize 4D technology, Adidas has released a few different models containing this future material. What are your thoughts on the 4D concept that Adidas continues to ride? Let us know in the comments below! To begin this cleaning Quinn starts with the soft brush and gets the shoe nice and bubbly. Moving onto the tougher stains, he uses the medium brush to really handle those stubborn stains. Quinn then moves onto cleaning the outsole with the stiff brush. Lastly, Quinn puts the shoes in the laundry bag and adds them into the washer ensuring he using the sneaker detergent to get a deeper clean. All the products found in this video can be found at

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Reshoevn8r products used in the video:
• The Ultimate Kit:
• Sneaker Laundry Detergent:
• Adjustable Shoe Trees:
• Micro Fiber Towel:

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  1. Hey reshoevn8r I love watching the cleaning videos you put up but I have some sneakers I’m not sure you have cleaned. First being the Air Jordan 33 and second the SF Air Force 1’s (The 3 different versions). Im just wondering because the Air Jordan 33 is unique shoe and is probably hard to clean

  2. I have these and have worn them twice. Just not as comfy as boost, but they are a dope looking shoe and color way. Anyways would not recommend wearing them landscaping. But cool to see how to clean them when they are that dirty!

  3. I was drunk at the party im wearing my yeezy clays o got home theennn i accidentaly used the brass bristle brush on the uppers rip

  4. Can you guys help?Can someone let me know if I did something wrong?I bought a sneaker laundry kit and used it for 3 cleanings,then I came back to use a couple weeks later,the brush and the solution had mold around it.Did not affect the cleaning but I am concerned from where the mold came from.Any help appreciated.

  5. Today my Adidas ZX 4000 arrived, and I thought it would be like Boost, but they are not comfy as Ultraboost, actually feels like any TPR midsole… but looks dope.

  6. how about the inside of the shoe? that is the important thing, this is really satisfying to watch, the shoe really looks like brandnew again.


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