How to Cheat to Fill a Sim's Needs


{The testing cheats do need to be enabled to make all three methods work.}
Open cheat box: CTRL + SHIFT + C
Enable cheats: testingcheats true
Method #1 (Fills the needs of all the sims in your household.): sims.fill_all_commodities
Close cheat box: ESC (make sure your cursor is inside the cheat box when you do this.)
Method #2 (fills the needs of only one sim):
-Hold SHIFT on keyboard, and click the sim.
-Select, “Cheat Need.”
-Select, “Make Happy.”
Method #3 (fills the needs of your entire household or all the sims in the neighborhood):
-Hold SHIFT on keyboard and click any mailbox
-select, “Alter Needs.”
-choose either, “Fill Needs (household),” or, “Fill Needs (world).”

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  1. thank you so much, you saved my Sims life with the Shift methode! 😂 fillmotives stopped working for me, dont know why and I was really wondering if there is any other way to fill Sims needs. so happy that I found out your video!


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