How To Change SSD Mode From IDE To AHCI On SSD With Already Installed Windows [Easiest Way]


If you have SSD runing on IDE and Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 this is a good way to change mode to AHCI for maximum speeeeed without reinstalling windows.

Before You Go Into Changing Sata Mode from IDE to AHCI I’d Recommend You That You Make BACKUP.

Believe me this is really important, so if anything goes wrong make sure you are ready for it.

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Here is second method in case first one doesn’t work for you:
Only Win 8 / 8.1 (Extract and Run Register File)


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  1. Me again even though this appears above my previous comment. Your video came up with a photo and link on my Googe search. Now Hear the difference. (was one of the three photo links from Google search) That could be you Mark Tech Freak.

  2. I am a new thumbs-up subscriber (everyone gets my vote) But to be honest, I only went into your video for:05 seconds due to the poor sound quality. But I'll bet you have great content that Many will never know. If you have updated your Microphone then due everyone a favor. Cut some new audio for any content that has the "I am broadcasting from inside a coffee can" audio. Peace bro.

  3. Well done, you made my day. You didn't get swallowed up with the "Curse of knowledge" like the [cmd line] enthusiasts (of which in many cases have difficulty with the /set command). You simply used common sense and lateral thinking, a rare talent…

  4. This method works! i bought ssd disk and i had speed 333MB/S in "ide" mode, after saw this film i set to "ahci" and i have 480MB/S speed. Thank you from Poland!

  5. So many comments saying this worked :/ I tried a few times and I get a blue screen than have to go to repair and restore last known working config and try again. I have watched this at least 5 or more times and I am doing it right. I am running Vista 32bit on an 9yo pc as I need to run something that doesn't work on anything after vista.


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