How to Bypass / Remove / Reset the BIOS Password or Clear CMOS by Britec


How to Bypass / Remove / Reset the BIOS Password or Clear CMOS by Britec
Removing a Bios – CMOS Password … There are three ways to approach forcing the Bios/CMOS to be reset to its default values.
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  1. I try this for 3 day's and nothing happen and I remove everything and put it back the next day and nothing happen 😠😡👎

  2. Good day sir,(s). I REALLY need help because my PC wont play games properly, here is why. i have a high end GPU able to beat out my monitor from FPS to refresh rate (60hz) The problem is that my windows 10 (possibly) wont recognize my monitor as a 120 hz monitor in display settings therefore i run on 60hz while getting 100+ FPS resulting in severe in-game lag. HERE!: All my drivers are updated except for my motherboard, could it be a motherboard driver update?

  3. Your accent is hard to understand. Speak clearly and don't cow off the words. Not many people understand cokni.

  4. i removed cmos for an hour then put it all back together and it came on saying something about the cmos but then asked for the password again. So i guess this doesnt work on a dell laptop

  5. Have a acer ao 722-0473 hd amd c60 windows 7 home premium tried to go in the bios but its asking for a password i need to test my USB MULTIBOOT FLASH DRIVE do you know how i can get the password do you think ACER WILL BE ABLE TO GIVE ME THE PASSWORD i registered my pc thanks

  6. So the first way by taking the battery what happens after you turn your pc back on will it just ask for a new password?

  7. wondering if you could help me i have a acer aspire 5920 laptop and when turned on a message comes up saying enter hard disk password witch im told its a bios problem so will this same methud work for for my laptop please mail me back when you get the time thank you

  8. I removed my cmos battery & reset my dell mini.I'm at bios.How do I get the os back on the system?Do I reinstall windows from a flashdrive.I do have a wking computer w/a dvd drive as well or can I manipulate the bios setting like change the time & it says usb wake disabled.If I enable that,will it fix?Is there a title for a video for this situation that you've made or a title suggestion?Please help.There are no codes for dell mini's at all from's are impossible w/out $.Thanks!

  9. I just replaced my Sony PCG-9Z1M laptop screen after gotten damaged for about 2years. But the big problem is I've forgotten the system/cmos password. After 3 wrong attempts, it displays key: KVTX-3K9F-32K2-6DHP and asks me to 'Enter Onetime Password' , pls help me out.

  10. hello, sir can you help me, my computer cant run properly, actually i just mess up with the bios setting, and my computer wont boot to bios or any bootable device such as HDD. but it running like normal, and im very sure its not related to RAM and no beep sound, did this method working on resetting to default setting? thanks please reply ASAP

  11. simply log on as guest then create a new account it should be an administrator…then highlight computer icon then right click look for the "manage" tab find the local users and groups then look for the account u wnna disable password then restart pc

  12. Hi Brian, Is there an external CMOS battery for PC just like on the laptops? Because my PC always prompting for CMOS Checksum error, I already replaced it with fresh CMOS battery, I guess there is a damaged on the circuit path to the internal CMOS battery. I hope you can help me. Thanks.

  13. can any one please help me… i forgot my password….. dell D600..
    can any one help me reset my password… thank you =)))


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