How to boot mac from usb


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Follow this tutorial to learn how to boot mac by using an external storage device that is “usb” with the help of the “.dmg” file.

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In order to boot mac from usb you will need a usb device with a sufficient storage capacity to hold the operating system. USB drives tend to be higher in capacity than disc media. Not only is it faster to copy data such as setup files from a USB drive, but during usage the access times are also significantly faster. In this tutorial we will show you how to boot a mac from usb.

Step # 1-Extract the dot dmg file

First of all, you will need to download the latest version of the operating system from the mac app store. Next, find and extract the “.dmg” file from the installation folder. Here we have already copied the “.dmg” file on to the desktop

Step # 2 — Open disk utility

Now all you need to do is open up “Disk Utility”. You can do so by moving up to “spotlight” and searching for “disk utility”.

Step # 3 — Open the restore tab

Once done, open up your USB drive and move your cursor over to the “restore” tab.

Step # 4 — Click on the restore button

In order to boot mac from usb, select the “.dmg” file (that we’ve copied on the desktop) for the source folder and drag the usb hard drive for the destination folder.
With that done, click on the “Restore” button. Now, all the contents of your hard drive will be erased and replaced with the mac installation file.
It usually takes about twenty minutes for the processing to take place.

Step # 5 –Open usb folder

Once done, open up the USB folder and there you can see that it has been converted into a bootable drive and this is how you boot a mac from usb.


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  2. all the people complaining – comprehend apple has been limiting users for years what used to work in older versions of disk utility no longer does without huge stress el capitans disk utility is as dumb as playdo and and as restrictive as jail. apple stopped this from working – blame apple

  3. OK GOOD SO … How to boot mac from usb im not doing a restore i need to know what hot keys on the keyboard to push.

  4. @Alkaholik10 Hey man, that comment you put did you find out away of fixing the problem coz its the same problem i'm having now with my imac. trying to boot the computer with the mac os x install disc and it just ejects straight out again.
    thanks Would love a reply 

  5. Hey there – every time I try this I hit "Restore" and then the mac prompts me for my username and password… then it gives me an error saying "Disk Utility must scan it first".. so I select "Scan Disk Image" and it tells me "Unable to scan Kingston: (Resource busy)"

    Any pointers?

  6. how can i do this if my macbook doesnt get to the desktop. when i power up it just goes to mac logo, then spinning gear, and it stays on spinning gear for a while, then just goes to a blue screen. AND my dvd drive doesnt read any cd/dvd's it just spits them out after 'trying' to read them. help!! its a Late 2007 macbook (white plastic)

  7. The title is wrong, in this video I neer seen "how to boot mac from usb" I just learn to "create" a "booteable" usb… so, I still need to know how to boot..


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