Honda Hack 5.0 (updated for Civic & CR-V)


Please go to for details.
===== What’s new =====
* Open rear camera by one click.
* Real-time monitoring of battery voltage with voice alarm.
* Seat belt voice alarm.
* Show CPU usage, battery voltage in the status bar.



  1. Does this modification break apple carplay? I unlocked my developer options and suddenly apple carplay wouldn't work as if it requires the unit to be completely stock. This seems awesome but I'd hate to lose Apple Carplay to get get other features.

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  3. This thing is super laggy and crashing. Netflix can't connect and youtube crashes all the time before even launching.

  4. what hacks should i add to my 2019 honda civic hatchback ex? will this work and can i add hulu and netflix for the kids? Thanks

  5. Hey Codage, is it possible to make the End Call button on the steering wheel act as both a Back button and End Call for the head unit? This would be very useful and unfortunately the button remapper in the pro version does not give me the ability to do this, Thanks if you can!

  6. Looking to get bluetooth option to connect obd2 reader. Is there a way to bypass Honda menu that is only looking for a bluetooth device that are phone?

  7. 237/5000

    Hello. I have a 10th Civic, and I installed an android 8.1 multimedia system (Not original Honda). Everything is working fine, but I would like to remap the steering wheel controls, such as multimedia buttons, mute, etc. Would this app help that?

  8. I really enjoyed the update.

    As a suggestion, it would be to include together the option of softwares that do not start along with central google play.

    Google play consumes a lot of memory and slows down the central. Even ending it, it will execute again.

    Another interesting option might be to use the memory of the pendrive as RAM memory to gain CM speed.

    In fact, I greatly appreciate your work. Money well spent with Honda Hack. Congratulations

  9. Downloaded today but cannot figure out how to activate the backup camera while driving. Any videos on how to do this?

  10. Hi Codeage, I saw you can get the battery voltage information from the head unit. Is there a chance you can add "speed notification" in the next release?

  11. I just downloaded the other day, and today I checked for updates and it said there's none. How do i get the updated version?


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