Harry Potter 1-2 Windows 10 Installation/Setup Tutorial


This will work on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.
I do not have a Mac version available.

Additional Information:

Some hardware does not support these games, and there is no fix for that.

If the textures in game (Harry’s glasses, trees, etc) are not masked(such as trees having green boxes around them), click on the brightness slider in the options menu. This flushes the engine cache and fixes the bug.

You can use Dxtory to limit framerate, and here is a tutorial for that (limit to 60fps to run at the proper speed*):

If you do not use frame limiting software, the game will run faster than it’s supposed to, and may not function properly.

Download the games here:

This download link also has hp.exe and game.exe in case you need to re-download those. Those exact same executable files are already included in the zip folder, however.

The serial keys are in the download, but I’ve reformatted them here:
4500 0980084 7751600 3013

1500 8368512 6523563 7055

If you have additional questions, the most responsive feedback can be received here (ask in #help_desk):

Nguồn: https://dantrionline.com.vn

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  1. i was doing for hp1 and the application got installed but says"acess denied " when i try to open it, can you please help??

  2. Thanks, I want to install the first game in English but I can't because my computer is in spanish so if you have the same problem
    1.go to the setup carpet before installing
    2.underneath the setup installation there is an archive with the same name open that and you will see the language





    just delete the second




    and save the bloc and this is all, it's easy but I want to say if you need that.

    In the second it's the same, but the difference is this






    delete key 2 and key 1 and ready
    and save the bloc and this is all, it's easy but I want to say if you need that.

  3. When the Game starts where I can select (play, unninstal…) when I press "play" nothing happens…And the file is named AutoRun not Harry Potter. Help?

  4. Hey, thank you so much for this! Chamber of secrets worked perfectly, I enjoyed it so much that I decided to give philophers a go too however I've found that it can be a little glitchy, with some of the graphics loading a little slow. Is there any way to fix this? Not sure if I accidentally missed a step or anything

    When arriving at the last step when i should put -winow they don't allow me to and i can't even continue the operation as an administrator as i did for HP 1 it's not working for HP2 pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase i need help

  6. After installing Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince game on Windows 10 and copying crack, it doesn't work, shows black screen, gets crash and shows Harry Potter has stoped working, it would be a great help if you help on solving it.

  7. I actually still have my old CD Roms (Windows 7) but unfortunately when I open Properties and change the Target name, I still get the "Must register" error message. Does this only work for the download version? (I used the code on my own game etc)

  8. My game wont even get to the serial number, when i open the setup it says "Unable to locate required file or required file is corrupted". The disk is brand new from Amazon. Any suggestions?

  9. I don't know how you did it but you did it. I tried this and it worked. Now I can do a let's play of these games on my channel and enjoy the nostalgia from my childhood again. Do you know how to get the prisoner of azkaban as well for this? I would love to get that one as well

  10. I have it all up to the point where I actually double click the shortcut to open the game. I've followed all of the steps in the video to a T. At this point, I'm supposed to get a pop up for the video configuration (1:29). When I click on the shortcut, I get a pop up asking if I want this application to make changes. I click yes, the pop up goes away, and nothing else ever pops up. I cannot get the video configuration box to come up. I've looked at the comments and this seems to be an issue if the No-CD file isn't cut and pasted over. I have done that. Any idea what might be going wrong? I'm on Windows 10 if it makes a difference.


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