Hacker Way: Rethinking Web App Development at Facebook


Delivering reliable, high-performance web experiences at Facebook’s scale has required us to challenge some long-held assumptions about software development. Join us to learn how we abandoned the traditional MVC paradigm in favor of a more functional application architecture.




  1. This is what you get when you hire people by writing code on whiteboard.. they are really good at cracking interview.. but they don't know how to get MVC right 😀

  2. Ironically I still encounter the same error Jing mentions here (~15m mark) about having an unseen message count with no unseen messages…

  3. Jane explanation about how flux fixed the problem with messages counter seems very convincing, but the fact is the problem is back in 2019, me and my friends have an unread messages notification but there is no unread messages. So you didn't "avoid making the same mistake twice".

  4. So this is how reactjs born! it is pretty cool. I would love to know how angularjs was born. is there any video story for angularjs ?

  5. But if flux solved their problems how comes that I get random message count on my event icon. Usually I get like 13 and there is only one new, then is back to one, then 5 and nothing is new. It's just a mess and when i do get a notification that somebody posted something in a group it's always too late, like 30min or even an hour. So what is that they solved?

  6. Here's the dirty little secret of the website developer's world: WEBSITES JUST AREN'T THAT COMPLICATED. With careful planning and a detailed eye toward structure, you can build a perfectly fine and performant (God, I hate that word) site with HTML, jQuery/Javascript, CSS, MVC and ASP.NET Web Api. It doesn't have to be spaghetti. Anyone who tells you different is either lazy or ignorant.

  7. This video and Redux saved my life 3 times at different companies. I just bookmark the timeline and share to different people.

  8. The most frustrating thing about this video is it's 4 years old and the chat icon bug is happening right now on the Android app.

  9. Still completely relevant and a good watch. Doesn't matter to me if the problems described were a result of doing something the wrong way, as many of the comments have pointed out. Millions of developers, including really good ones, do bad things every day. Adding Flux or anything else that enforces doing something the right way is valuable.

  10. Reading through the comments is hilarious. Apparently the keyboard cavalry have a better understanding of Software Engineering and MVC than the 1,000 some-odd Software Engineers at Facebook.

  11. You guys got MVC wrong, and basically reinvented it, giving it a new name 🙂 MVC is meant to have one model, view and controller for each little piece, not one fat controller driving everything. Also it is meant to be reactive, such that they each listen to and process events – rather than this tangled state orchestration. Read Trygve Reenskaug's original material on it and you will see.

  12. People saying that her MVC graph is wrong dont think outside the box, my impression for the arrows that went back from the views are because that most MVC has to refresh their view after an update that was triggered from inside the view and needs new data. Its all about data flow and automatic data refresh without having to update views all the time.

  13. I feel sorry for people who are obsessed with being fast. If you live fast, you most likely miss the point of living entirely.

  14. Web Development is just pain in the ass nowadays. It's a battle between old technologies and new ideas. These new solutions are called "cool", while they only serve as a workarounds for old technology. If you are a programmer that loves the job, it's no fun at all.

  15. I really don't consider myself an expert, but when changing something in one model can cause an infinite loop, then they did not use mvc correctly. At least not the way i was taught how to do it.

  16. they were not doing MVC, then they blamed MVC for their problems, then they reinvented MVC where dispatcher is just like routes file in a regular web framework and Store is something like controllers and called it FLUX. Broprogrammers approved.

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  19. LOL, MVC they are talking about is not MVC. It's something else. So they replaced an imaginary MVC model with a new solution 😀


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