Hacker Way: Designing the New Messenger


Curious how we design mobile products at Facebook? Get a peek under the hood at the design process behind the new Messenger, released in November 2013 and updated since. You’ll see how we approached the design problem, get a sense for the tools we used, and take away the learnings.

Luke Woods
Product Design Manager at Facebook




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  3. Actually I think that the sounds are just awful, first time I heard it in the app I didn't know where this sound came from, but I knew it make me sick not in a hating tone, but I really felt physically sick

  4. Very informative and interesting preso! Just had to speed the video up x2 and it was a lot easier to follow 🙂  – go to the "setting" icon bottom right of the video, and go to "speed".

  5. Interesting talk, but he speaks far too slow for a public presentation so it drags on a bit. I'm a big fan of Facebook's emphasis on infrastructure that enables them to build cool things faster


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