GOTO 2015 • One Hacker Way • Erik Meijer


This presentation was recorded at GOTO Copenhagen 2015. #gotocon #gotocph

Erik Meijer – Founder at Applied Duality, Inc.

Erik challenges the basic ideas on Scrum & Agile and how developers should be developing code for the future. In the next decade every business will be digitized and effectively become a software company. Leveraging software, and, in general, computational […]

Download slides and read the full abstract here:

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  1. I'm not getting it.
    You need concurrency with the `push` approach, in order to not miss new messages when you are processing one.
    In the `pull` approach, if you ask each agent concurrently, the stated issues disappear.

    So, that's concurrency that solves the problem, not the particular choice Pull VS Push.

    Also, pulling may ease the implementation of a 'by need' flow, which may be more efficient.

  2. If you don't care about Mr Meijers medical record, nor about some famous people virtue signalling, the relevant technical and organizational bits starts at 17:20.

  3. 42: 53 "Fortunately I don't see any people with ties" *a person with a tie walks into the room and sits. (Probably a scrum lover manager who was late because he was in a SCRUM ceremony meeting)

  4. Michelin starred restaurants have a TON of process in the kitchen. They also have standups. The trick is to have the right process for the right people and the right problems.

    Writing the wrong code is also a huge waste of time. Even bigger of a waste than standing around talking about it. Talking about code is faster than writing it, and can give you a shortcut to avoiding the bad ideas.

  5. "Be Bold" statement is so freaking true and it reminds me numerous discussions with my managers who didn't want to take any risks at all. We end up stuck with unfinished problems and it completely sacrificed all the drive that company had at given time.

  6. Not all developers hate suits, I'm a developer and I love them.
    Sure, a lot of people in suits are annoying (managers etc), but that's beside the point. 😛

  7. Erik Meijer 02:17 — [hacklang] is a version of PHP, that looks like PHP, but under the cover it is really OCaml. Facebook is all written in Hack (front-end), but really it is written in OCaml with Hack/PHP syntax.


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