Goalkeeper Glove Review: Adidas ACE Zones Pro


I caved in and picked up a pair of Adidas Ace15 Zones Pro Goalkeeper for review. You might have seen my last Predator Pro zone review where I looked at the past world cup model that came out a year ago, and if you have you will notice that these new ace zone pros look a lot like their older brothers.

There are only a few differences between these Ace Zones Pro and the past Predator Zone Pro model, that is the latex foam has been tweaked and the back hand is a new cntrl/web design which does really provide a much more flexible feel to the glove.

These improvements made the Ace Zones Pro the best fitting and tackiest negative cut gloves on the market!


– Seamless Negative Cut

– Latex Gussets

– Cntrl/web design punching platform

– 3.5 Grippy latex on the palm

– Upgraded Durability Zone

– 4MM Nova Latex

– Bandage Wrist Strap

– Latex back hand with neopren wrist band

Nguồn: https://dantrionline.com.vn

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  1. My new predator pro just arrived and I want to preserve as long as I can, should I pre wash them for I use them?

  2. I realized this from watching many different videos, every zones on different colour ways look different, some end at the fingers and some closer to the palm, do you know why?

  3. Can anyone size guide for me? If I wear ace FS allround for 10sz do I need to size up for zone pro to 11sz thanks.

  4. What are your favorite brand of gloves. I've been a Reusch guy for most of my career but I just ordered a pair of Laguna Reverse Cut by West Coast GK.


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