Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1060 Review – Are Aorus the Best?


Today up for review is the GTX 1060 9Gbps edition from Aorus, and like a few Aorus cards that have come through here, I put it both stock and overclocked against an RX 580 with a variety of new games.

Though it may be hard to get one of these cards where you are in the world with the current GPU mining craze sucking up all the graphics cards!

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  1. Hi! Iove the channel! I have quick question. I bought a gigabyte 1060 3gb windforce off eBay. It’s used. Was a bit sticky but I cleaned it up. I was wondering about the thickness of the thermal pads. What thickness should I get? Once I get home , I’ll measure the current ones. Any input from the tech yes city army is cool. Thank you!

  2. Good video man, I have a question I bought this plate recently, it is normal to turn on and off the fans every time? , because what happens to me is that it reaches 50 degrees the fans turn on and then go down to 47, turn off, and return the same process again all the time, thanks for the response

  3. I just bought this card, its on the way here as we speak! I'm so excited, the evga 1060 acx 2.0 I had was getting way too hot and prices dropped by 100 bucks a little under 30 days after I bought it so I returned it to amazon and ordered this. Finally a good card I'm not going to have buyers remorse with.

  4. His channel is sort of addictive even when one is Not shopping,.. That voice is… so relaxing, and remjnds me of the bood days when Big Brother Australia could be counted on to make a boring season of Big Brother UK, tolerable.. ) This channel is especially addicting right now, as he is reviewing my own card! My best test is just to play my favorite little relaxation game, AIRCAR with all the settings ramped (except shadows,…) and not have too much judder. Thank you my Australian Brother! Can you tell me, the maximum safe numbers in the Aorus utility? I have the Rev 2.0 (I don't even benchmark, I play for a short time, then put the card and system back on LO-POWER Happy settings right away,. I am a VR developer, so, I try not to stress out my equipment too much. Or,.. for not too long at a stretch I should say…

  5. Can you please tell me if you gtx aorus 1060 had any trouble when changing the led light because mine can only be blue or grean and yes i had downloas the drive for the graphic card

  6. Hey mate, i have the same card like you, but when i install aorus graphics engine and start program in one second i have blue screen and my pc restart and i need to go in safe mode to delite it then i can go again on my windows do you know how to fix this?

  7. I bought this card a few months ago for 350 euro which yes is a big price increase to what 1060's used to be but this card is absolutely amazing and runs every game way over 60fps its a monster

  8. Hello! Сan you tell me the difference between Xtereme Aorus and Aorus versions?
    Except for characteristics of cards. Even benchmarks give the same results.

  9. I just picked up the aorus GTX 1060 for $289.99 (shipped) off newegg and a free gift (rocket league). Can't wait for my first build!

  10. Somethings wrong with my cousins Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1060, the max temp he gets is 70c with the 100% fan speed, core clock only add +60 and I feel its not stable when he play more than an hour, Compare to my own MSI gtx 1060 GX it can OC to Core+ 175 stable max temp of 45 to 50c 100% fan speed. Should I tell him to return his newly bought card ?

  11. How does this fare against "Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1060 Xtreme gaming (The one with 2 Fans) ? In performance? I think many people have this to ask.


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