G20 leaders vow to present united front in tackling COVID-19


G20, 코로나19 공동성명서 채택… “연합태세로 필요한 모든 조치를 취할 것”

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The leaders of the world’s top 20 economies met virtually on Thursday where they pledged to do “whatever it takes” to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic and lessen its human and economic impact.
There, President Moon Jae-in introduced South Korea’s swift testing and transparent quarantine system.
Kim Min-ji starts us off.
The leaders of the Group of 20 vowed to present a united front in tackling the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.
In a joint declaration following their first-ever “virtual” meeting on Thursday,… the leaders said combatting the virus calls for a transparent, robust, coordinated and science-based global response… in the spirit of solidarity.
They pledged to spare no efforts to protect people, especially the most vulnerable… as well as to take aggressive fiscal measures to minimize the negative impact on the global economy especially disruptions to trade and global supply chains.
The leaders also agreed to coordinate health and financial measures… and lend a helping hand to all countries in need.
The video conference was arranged by Saudi Arabia the current chair of the G20 following a request by the international community as COVID-19 entangles the world.
There are more than 520-thousand confirmed cases worldwide… and the death toll tops 23-thousand.
The session not only invited G20 leaders,… but also representatives of international organizations,… including the United Nations, the World Health Organization and the International Monetary Fund.
During President Moon Jae-in’s turn to address the group,… he said South Korea is willing to share its COVID-19 response model introducing its swift testing and quarantine system based on the nation’s principles of openness, transparency and democracy.
South Korea has been praised globally for its quarantine and treatment efforts,… with over 40 countries asking Seoul for COVID-19 test kits.
President Moon highlighted the need for the G20 to share clinical data and their quarantine experiences,… as well as cooperate on vaccine development.
He also pointed out the need to use all possible means to adopt expansionary macroeconomic policies in light of the economic fallout…. as well as to allow some cross-border exchanges.
“President Moon proposed nations seek ways to allow for the travel of essential persons such as scientists, medical professionals and business people to the extent it does not undermine the quarantine efforts of each country.”
The G20 leaders said all necessary measures and financing will be taken to contain COVID-19…. while all available policy tools will be directed at minimizing social and economic damages and ensuring the cross-border flow of essential items noting the injection of five trillion U.S. dollars in to the global economy.
They also pledged to work together and share all relevant information and data to overcome the pandemic,… and called on the health ministers of each nation to develop urgent actions.
The G20 leaders also vowed to gather again, should the situation require another meeting.

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  1. President Moon Jae-in is great! I hoped that South Korea will end the epidemic as soon as possible. Blessings and greeting from China.

  2. Trolls : Watch biowarfare lab @ u tube you think harder .
    ✌ So hundred of years ago eating bat and suddenly created COVID 19 in 2020?🤔

  3. What are you talking about. There were no 'united front' in this telecom-meeting. the US wanted for Saudis to stop pumping oil like crazy, Russia wanted to lift sanctions in humanitarian sectors from Iran and others, EU nations wanted more support from the EU. what 'united front'? no one agreed on anything, all nations are basically on their own now. Stop spreading fake news.

  4. G20 Shd make China responsible for this Pandemic and make them pay for the damages done.They shd also besr all cost of death sick lost of economical and loss of jobs.G20 shd be firm dnt take.China lightly they are crook of the worst kind in this Century's. G20 UNSC shd call for urgent sitting to deliberate this Matter.

  5. But will ignore where it came from. How weak leaders of this world are.
    Oh thanks china for your denial of this virus thag has killed thousands

  6. We need to thanks China for all of these. I wanna say THANK YOU CHINA FOR ALL OF YOUR HARDWORK =) Now the world will never be the same.

  7. All these G 20 political leaders are still stupid enough to let communist RedChina Xi Jinping to spread Wuhan virus all over the world.All these g20 greedy leaders are kneeling down to begging bloody smelly China yen.

  8. are they seriously praising china again???
    this is al the CCP's fault
    instead of paying for supplies for china
    force them to make it free
    they are creating a problem and selling a solution

  9. In my opinion this is the most successful undercover, biological attach in history perpetrated by the CCP on the rest of the world.

  10. I think China is actually a poor country bcoz it cannot eat healthy food but Wild animals. Spreading Corona by eating shit is the machinations of Commie China.

  11. Only DU30 has pure heart to h elp his people ! He is welling to sacrifice his own life and presidency for his love of all his people "! Doing everything "!
    A true leader of the land "!

  12. The Korean president Moon is very responsible president, Swift actions made the conoravirus got control. If every country have score in the examination of fighting conoravirus, we can give Korean 90. In contrast, most countries can not even past 60. However i still think there will be dark future waiting for president Moon consider Korean president is most dangerous job in the world

  13. Well planned by China to destroy world economy and it's Rivals. Chinese played very well and now they are showing as they are innocent.

  14. maybe G20 can ask China politely that the NEXT time they spot a virus in the wild – TELL EVERY-FUCKING-BODY!!!!

  15. Possible 21 millions Chinese telephone account was cancelled and disconnect because coronavirus epidemic.They was cremated .


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