fps fix for illusion games windows 10 rapelay Immoral Ward realkanjo ag3 ev… more


it probably works


the other file was unnecessary so removed it

file for School Mate 2:

alt version: (if main dosnt work)

file for forcing custom resolution:

i know everything so just ask

proof it works:

try this if none other work:
fiel to change resolution on some of the illusion games:
it confirmed for Immoral Ward

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  1. thanks man lol xD i was about to change it again to win8 it would give a lot of work to install EVERYTHING again..thanks so much XDDD

  2. Anyone have any other solutions? Downloaded these DLL's over a dozen times trying to make them work, ran RL in xp SP3 and everything else and still no luck. Game is just slow, laggy and very hard to play. Spent 3 weeks trying to fix it and still nothing

  3. In my RL game the d3d9.dll file is not even installed, I tried several files (d3d9) and none worked. Still seeing the game at 10 fps =S.
    EDIT: I tried one that has the d3d9.dll file in a voodoo folder, that fix the fps issue but the voodoo watermark is at the bottom left and is kinda annoying =S.

  4. Someone can help me? im trying to fix it in rapelay but doesnt work…i have the file: d3dx9_24, i add the new file with the _alt. but doesnt work =/ in my pc i used to play ark so im ok with that… some one know how to fix it?? also if i try to change the d3d9_24 for another one, nothing happend…

  5. thx bro this work for me in windows 10, for everyone looking for d3d9.dll the link download in description, 1,8mb is the real d3d9.dll

  6. At some point, a windows update caused this particular dll to no longer work (at least for RL, no idea about the other games). There is an alternative though. First, make sure to run the game in compatibility mode for Windows XP Service Pack 3. I also set it to run as administrator, but I don't actually know if this is necessary.

    After that, go here: http://www.dege.freeweb.hu/dgVoodoo2/dgVoodoo2.html

    And download "dgVoodoo v2.62.1". Once it's done, navigate to MS>x86 (make sure to copy the x86 version. The x64 version will not work) in the zip. Copy D3D9.dll and paste it in the games root folder.

    This WILL NOT WORK in windowed mode. No idea why. So once you're in the games launcher, click "Settings" and pick the graphics quality settings you want on the left. Click "Custom" on the right, and make sure "Resolution Mode" is set to Full Screen. Your web browser may complain about something along the lines of "This type of file is not usually downloaded" if you're using Firefox; just hit Open. Also, the zip may be picked up as a virus by your AV, so you may need to make an exception.

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  8. you are the true savior of humankind
    thanks to you I ca finally play games from the illusion
    I and many salutes you brother


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