Fixing a Corrupted User Profile in Windows 8 | HP Computers | HP


Learn how to repair a corrupted user profile in Windows 8. If your computer displays an error message like “The User Profile Service failed the logon and User profile cannot be loaded”, watch this video to see steps to resolve the error.

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Fixing a Corrupted User Profile in Windows 8 | HP Computers | HP



  1. You are FOOLISH!!! If there's no access to the windows, how can one do what you've instructed????….wish I could take my view back.

  2. I have only one user account and I can not log into that account. I am unable to all of this. Will I lose all my data or is it safe? Please tell me a way to fix this.

  3. if I was to restore my pc to factory settings would this fix the problem, and just erase everything? I've been trying to fix this for about 5 hours and no luck. 🙁

  4. restarting didnt help
    how the hell am I supposed to copy the old user files if I fucking can't log on….lol
    tell us what to do if the issue is not resolved by restarting

  5. this tutorial makes no sense when creating a new account with cmd. if I can't access my account, how am I supposed to get to my windows start screen and open it??????? I tried using system recovery options and opening cmd from there and it said it created the account but it couldn't be added to the local users group

  6. how can you get to the windows start screen of one cannot get to it because of a corrupted login user profile? I have only one profile. Microsoft demands that I need a pin and/or password to work my own computer. I cannot get to a start screen because I cannot log on the computer. I think hp/comcast/Microsoft
    /and Hitler are the same entity.

  7. Hi, I was following the instructions and got to the point of having to access the user file I wanted to copy, but when I clicked on it it asked for administrator password and I typed it in and then nothing happens. I try to open the file again same thing happens, can you help?

  8. Hi HP Computing Service. I have a problem with my Windows 7. I start the computer. Then it said DVI no signal. VGA no signal. Then after that it said Monitor going to sleep. I tried everything. Pressing my mouse. Pressing my keyboard. I saw thousands of videos on how to fix this but all of those did not help me. I hope you will reply. I need am answer quick!!

  9. I need help on windows 8 pavilion with the beatsaudio sign on the top right corner is it possible to change the color/ light of the keyboard? if yes could you show how? please?

  10. I have a problem I don't know how to download apps or close apps on my hp tablet I all ready watched a video on that made my you but I have a different type of hp tablet


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