Fit AND Style Upgrade || Adidas Alphabounce Beyond Review and On Feet


After more than 1 year and a half of its release, Adidas have finally decided to create a second iteration and upgrade to a model of their sneaker. Debuted during the summer of 2016, it was a shoe that used the Aramis technology, which tracked and motion captured the running form to perfect a shoe. That shoe eventually became the Adidas Alphabounce, made for performance running but also stepping into the boundaries of an everyday shoe. Now in 2018, they have reworked the silhouette into a new one, transforming it into a new shoe that not only works for running, but as for cross training. Today, I have the Adidas Alphabounce Beyond here for a review.
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  1. just copped these on the adidas "amazon prime day" special for $37 because the deal was too good to pass up. happy to see that there are a lot of people who enjoy this shoe as i was worried when i realized it didn't have boost technology.

  2. I know this an old vid but I have these and a bunch of color ways. I run in a pair of bounce RCs. This sole is completely underrated. It has very similar properties to nike react which I also run in a nike exp x14 with react. After 2 weeks of running in bounce they will soften and become almost to the same consistency as react. You can really feel it working after that time period. Good thing once they soften up they will not bottom out at all. Unlike boost from what people say. Though I never experienced, I have too many boost shoes that I rotate

  3. i got the black one with golden heel cup. its very comfortable and the bounce gives you a spring-like feeling when youre walking or running and the bounce gets softer with time.

  4. Got a pair for myself in a different colour and they are a great pair of shoes for both casual and formal (Gym, running etc). Although, I feel that people may use these as a lifestyle shoe rather than using them for running etc. A perfect shoe for wide footers.


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