I got to do a Facebook HQ Tour of the Menlo Park campus! Tons of food, a roof garden, and a chat about what the office / workplace areas are like as of 2017 🙂

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  1. Please help me my facebook account is hacked and i lost all my important data. Hacker changed my email,password and phone number please help me please😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. Silicon Valley CREATIVE work culture has been around since the 1970s. Lauren is getting an education on how professionals work and enjoy it…!! So happy to see this at Facebook.!!

  3. Hlo diii i,m from india and i want to take help from you please help me someone is created my fake Facebook account again and again and he uploaded my nude pics on Facebook it,s really embarrassing for me I already told to India,s police about it but no-one he helping me please help me please reply me i request u sister i,m also a girl please help me please

  4. Facebook should have a section for visitors with a similar experience that you had. That way tourists can do more than take a photo on the sign.

  5. We just filmed an episode around the corner from Facebook’s HQ, this spot called Porta Blu. Definitely work visiting: https://youtu.be/Fe8Vte0tJAI

  6. So Facebook HQ is not open to the world like liberals want the US to be open to the world?? I just can't walk in there and say, "yay I made it in!" ?? Darn!

  7. Nice cover, I work for Facebook in India and yes, the offices around are amazing, MPK office just amazing, its called the classic campus!!!

  8. Ooh my goodness that place is crazy! How much money Facebook has to just throw around and make it a resort/tourist destination! Oh my gosh.


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