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The Epley Maneuver for Vertigo can be very effective at relieving vertigo symptoms, but it’s a procedure that should be performed by a physical therapist or other health care professional. This video is for demonstration purposes only. See Doctor Jo’s blog post about the Epley Maneuver at:

Again, the Epley Maneuver should be performed by a health professional. I do NOT recommend doing it on your own or having someone else who has never performed it before perform to perform it on you.

With that said, many of you have asked about it, so here is how it is performed. Always explain what you are going to do with the person. This will increase dizziness and it can be scary. It might also, in rare cases, cause someone to get sick, so I recommend having a bucket near by.

On a bed or treatment table, have the person get into a long sit position with their legs out in front of them. Get them close enough to the edge so their head will hang off when you bring them down. Turn their head to the involved side at a 45 degree angle (this is the side they feel dizzy when they turn in that direction). You want them to be completely relaxed, and you are doing all the movements for them. Then with their head turned, very quickly bring them down with their head off the edge in about 20-30 degrees extension. Hold them in this position for 30 seconds to a minute. You are looking for their eyes to be bouncing side to side. This is called a nystagmus. During this time, the person will feel dizzy, and might want to sit up. Try to keep them relaxed and let them know the dizziness should go away soon.

Once the eyes stop moving or slow down, then turn their head to the other side at a 45 degree angle and keep the 20-30 degrees extension. Wait another 30 seconds to a minute and look for the nystagmus. Hopefully it will be less already and they won’t feel as dizzy.

Now, keeping their head at a 45 degree angle, have them turn to their side, the way their head is already pointing. As they do this, slowly start to tuck their chin in. Wait another 30 seconds to a minute, and then slowly help them sit up by bringing their knees up and dropping their legs off the side while pushing up with their hand.

Slowly bring their head back into a neutral position looking straight forward, and hopefully all the spinning and dizziness will be gone. Now you should instruct them to keep that upright position for 48 hours, so they might have to sleep in a recliner or chair. Also, if you have a soft neck collar, that will help them keep their head in a neutral position to allow the crystals to settle back into their normal position.

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Doctor Jo is a licensed Physical Therapist and Doctor of Physical Therapy.


Vertigo Epley Maneuver:

DISCLAIMER: This video and any related comments are not medical advice. Doctor Jo is a licensed Physical Therapist and Doctor of Physical Therapy; however, she is not YOUR Physical Therapist and can’t possibly diagnose you through the Internet. So don’t use this information to avoid going to your own healthcare professional or to replace the advice they have given you. This information should not be used to self-diagnose or self-treat any medical condition. If you are not properly diagnosed, this information won’t help, and it could make things worse. If you experience any pain, stop immediately and see your healthcare professional.

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    AskDoctorJo May 21, 2020 6:30 pm Reply
  • Thank you, Dr. Jo

    Charlene Kelley May 21, 2020 6:30 pm Reply
  • Hi! I did It once and I got a lot better! I did It a second time some hours later to double check. My doctor subscribed some medicine for Meniere. Now that I feel good, shall I keep on taking the medicine?

    MARIA LAURA ACEVEDO STEVANI May 21, 2020 6:30 pm Reply
  • Hi Dr. Jo. I was diagnosed with Vertigo on yesterday. I don’t wish this on my worst enemy. I will try your steps as mentioned in your video with my wife most likely by tomorrow. However, I wanted to know your thoughts on Meclazine 25mg. Do this work. I’m not the one to take medicine but I will take this should I need to. Just wondering what was your opinion when it comes to this medicine. Look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks.

    Brian Cooper May 21, 2020 6:30 pm Reply
  • Hello doctor I have vertigo problem start 8/9 years ago I worked in nights shift I am sleeping on day time when start my problem I try to side change suddenly whole world is moving so I went to doctor they don't find anything just give me some sleeping pills and suggest me to take rest 2/3 days after I start work again 2 month after same thing happen again so this time i went to the usc hospital they ck me whole day finally they found I have vertigo they suggest me not to work in nigh shift and give me some sleeping pill after that last 5 years I am ok but recently problem start again when I go to bed I can't sleep left side I have to sleep rt side only and I can't move my head backwards when I do this my problem start everything start moving . please suggest me what I can do now what kind of treatment I need.one think I used to live in Los Angeles California now I live in my home country bangladesh.my previous treatment everything I did in Los Angeles.

    Zahirul Haque May 21, 2020 6:30 pm Reply
  • I live alone, can I do this by myself?

    Jason Dorsey May 21, 2020 6:30 pm Reply
  • Hi Doctor. I'm from Papua New Guinea. I just watched your video and found it so helpful. I've been having problems with my balance when walking, for a month now. Is it a symptom of BPPV?

    Ngesing Nasing May 21, 2020 6:30 pm Reply
  • What if my eyes don’t stop even after 3 minutes??

    bbycakes73 May 21, 2020 6:30 pm Reply
  • क्या यह वीडियो हिंदी में है क्या

    M Prasad May 21, 2020 6:30 pm Reply
  • How do you know if you should be doing the maneuver to the right or left?

    Monica Paas May 21, 2020 6:30 pm Reply
  • Can Epley Manouver be done alone, without a person to help or guide?

    ZhenZhou Toh May 21, 2020 6:30 pm Reply
  • Hey Doctor, thank you for your video, i was diagnotised having BPPV about 4 months ago and did the maneuver with my doctor, I had nausea and same symptoms 2 days ago and did the maneuver again : Felt much better but had the nausea and symptoms the day after, should i give it more time to recover ? i can read in the comments that it's not necessary to do the maneuver for several times, so i have to do it once and even if I still have nausea and problems in the morning should i wait ?

    Omar Sendal May 21, 2020 6:30 pm Reply
  • 4 to 8 hours or 48 hours?

    mined2out May 21, 2020 6:30 pm Reply
  • What? No 5 minute banter about how you two are the best physio on the internet before the demo? that's exactly what people who's suffering from vertigo need. Great demo, thank you.

    Ethan Cheng May 21, 2020 6:30 pm Reply
  • What about Brandt-Daroff exercises at home? Would you reccomend those? And would you reccomend it after you have treated a patient with the Epley Maneuver?

    Bob Duynstee May 21, 2020 6:30 pm Reply
  • Thanks Dr. I tried it but I didn't feel dizzy, Im on 16 mg (Betahistine Dihydrochloride-Virtigene) three times a day, could that be the reason that Im not dizzy with the maneuver?? my previous dr insist that it is BPPV and I should continue medications!! I feel fullness in my right ear and dizzy at bed time when I sleep on the right side and it mainly start again on my 4th day of menstrual period and keep me not ok for the many days after. I'm scared of sleeping on my back (it feels like anxiety), so I sleep while sitting up for the last few days. my hearing test is normal and my ear pressure test based on the doctor is normal. I had only coupIe of times ringing ear feeling in the last month. I don't know what I can do, any tips??

    Diana Khayal May 21, 2020 6:30 pm Reply
  • Is it normal to feel some dizziness a few days after doing this? I was diagnosed with BPPV & the doctor completed this maneuver…however, I still have dizziness 3 days later. Is it okay to do it again to see if it helps?

    Jenni Childers May 21, 2020 6:30 pm Reply
  • I had this one(bppv) a year ago and recently had a relapse.

    It's hard to find systematic diagnosis and reset action on the website of my country.

    Fortunately, I can also go to YouTub.

    If you don't mind,

    I would like to ask your permission to share this one video to the other website

    in China for the embarrassing reason that YouTube is blocked from accessing in China.

    Of course. I will give sources of the original website. Thank you very much.

    Virgilius Xue May 21, 2020 6:30 pm Reply
  • What if a person is not actually diagnosed with BPPV but is showing the same symptoms as vertigo ?? Can this exercise still be done ?

    Maleeha Zargar May 21, 2020 6:30 pm Reply
  • I am doing this for my bppv and headake is present but is not as hard as the first veritigo…seems is going away…will keep you posted! spoke with ORL doc and he told me I have bppv so im doing this for a week to see how it improves this

    Eduardo Delgado May 21, 2020 6:30 pm Reply
  • Hi Dr Jo, I have cervical spondylosis which cause imbalance and vertigo. Advisable to do this Epeley Manuevre for cervical spondylosis patient? Tq

    Ng ck May 21, 2020 6:30 pm Reply
  • I Does this any my hearbeat increases..is that common thing?

    danny bouy May 21, 2020 6:30 pm Reply
  • I did the Epley this morning from memory of when a PT I saw previously for BPPV had performed it on me. I'm not sure it worked because I did not feel dizzy in the other two positions (I worry I didn't have the angle right after watching your video) and now I'm feeling spacey and lightheaded even just sitting on the couch. Can I repeat it still today since I didn't feel dizziness in all 3 positions?

    Joanne Hollmann May 21, 2020 6:30 pm Reply
  • Its efective..thank you

    Arab Beltran May 21, 2020 6:30 pm Reply
  • When I turned by head and went down fast I felt or heard what felt like blood or liquid rushing up neck or head. I laid flat back on a bed though, did not extend my head off the side. I immediately came back up bc it scared me so much. Could this have been the liquid in my ears I heard or something more serious? Can you hear or feel the crystals moving? I have no ear infections or anything

    NC May 21, 2020 6:30 pm Reply
  • I'm the left my daughter is coming down to help me I'm scared….xxx

    Christine Greig May 21, 2020 6:30 pm Reply
  • How do you get vertigo.?

    Lori Rayhons May 21, 2020 6:30 pm Reply
  • Hi, I've been diagnosed with BPPV yesterday, neuro did this manoeuvre (right side affected) and I felt better for the rest of the day. Unfortunately I didn't know I should not sleep (almost) flat the night after and today I woke up feeling dizzy and nauseous again and soon after experienced a very strong vertigo again that left me feeling stiff and sore. I felt very unstable while walking and couldn't move my head freely.
    I've decided to do this manoeuvre again at home with help of my husband. As in my case right side was/is affected, I understand that lying down with my head on right side should give me immediate vertigo symptoms, but nothing happened this time.. I felt dizzy for a few seconds while turning my head to the left and then turning my body to left side. I'm a bit confused that nothing happened with my head on the right side. Is it possible that BPPV jumped into the left side now? Also I got a headache at the back of my head/occiput. Thanks for any ideas.

    Aguu _ May 21, 2020 6:30 pm Reply

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