Emotional Epic Acoustic Guitar Orchestral | Sparks – Mattia Cupelli


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© Music Copyright 2014 Mattia Cupelli

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  1. I found this song a few years back, and I just found it again. At first I thought it was just a nice instrumental but now that I’m listening to it as a senior I’m realizing how powerful it is. It makes me think about how I’ll be graduating in 2 months and moving out of the state for college and starting a new chapter in my life. It seems just like yesterday it was my first day of middle school and now I’m about to graduate. If anyone reads this who’s just started high school or middle school or whatever, enjoy it… because it’ll go by super fast.

  2. I wish this song can heal me…heal me of my alcoholism, heal me of my guilt for not saving a friend who was gunned down years ago (she was a Youtube singer), heal me of losing a best friend to someone else, heal me from loneliness, I just…want to be healed of everything…

  3. Hello broda, I have got some creative💞 on your track.so can I use this track. Kindly, grant your permission.🙏

  4. Sparks:

    I been so scare
    Still nobody else cares.
    Why does my heart hurts?
    I still make things worse
    Please fixed me
    Cause I can't believe

    Every one else can…. but me…..

    No one cares
    No one know
    I'm scare of everything I turn to,and it hurt,it still hurts.
    One more touch,and one more song, I have left,and no one knows what wrong with me.
    Falling down,
    Drowning now
    Can't breathe
    Can you help me?
    Could you fixed me?

    Everyday, I feel pain, and fear
    Nothing left,just a single tear,of blue cold frosted tears.
    Still I wish to see you again,
    Still I'm scare that I might let go.
    Shadows, fears, nightmares, are coming true, I'm wish it's over, but it's not.

    No matter how hard I try.
    Cause it doesn't matter to me anymore.
    I know that you can't face me anymore
    I'm not that strong enough to fight back, cause I'm lost
    I'm not that strong enough to fight back
    Cause I'm lost

    I'm now lost

    I feel Invisible
    I feel pain,blood and tears
    It's Just fear and nightmares

    Fire sparks, burning ashes,
    I don't know why.
    Why I even exist.

    Children dreams,has always seem,
    Golden sand,dream away,I know that I can't be scare.

    Cause everywhere I go,
    Fear is always there.

    Why are you not here?
    Don't close your eyes or shed a tear
    Cause all I see is fear
    Don't know why,
    Why I'm invisible
    Why don't you see me?
    I'm suffering in fear.
    I try to hold back the tears
    But I can't
    Cause I'm just fear.
    I'm not brave,cause I'm afraid,
    That you are gone
    You are gone

    I know that I don't belong to anywhere else cause every single person who I know or care
    Is gone.
    How could you love me…
    If I'm fear?
    Why could you care?
    If I'm the reason that your life is broken…?
    Why me?
    Why do I have this special thing inside?
    Why do you see that spark inside of me?

    Why do you see that spark inside of me?
    Why do you see that special thing inside of me?
    Why do you see it inside of me?

    Why do you see that spark inside me?
    That burning spark inside of me?

    I just don't know….
    I just need to let go…

    Let go…

  5. The first time I heard this, the tears would not stop. For eight minutes, this made me appreciate everything beautiful in life.

  6. Just think:
    Your life was perfect, you were friends with everyone but after you were diagnosed with cancer, it was never felt the same. You acted as if you were okay, never telling anyone. Accepting your fate as it was. That night your parents rushed you to hospital wondering if you would survive, no idea about the cancer. So while they held your hand as your breathed slowly in that hospital, that's when they finally knew. With tears streaming down their face, they hug you tightly. You can't say how happy you are. To finally be able to realise how important your life is before you lose it…forever? No. You can survive this. Because no matter what you are going through, you can do it. Wether you have lost a friend, a family or someone close to your heart, you can get through it. Putting your mind to it, you concentrate on what you have. What you love… what you lived for… this is life… this is YOUR life…
    you control it, when you need to stay, when you need to go. So while your lying their, your parents kissing your head, you take your last breath, smile and close your eyes while your parents are begging you to wake up… you know in your heart and theirs, you both knew it was time, the time picked for you…to leave this old life behind…and to start something new even if you're gone…you are still truely here…

  7. This song makes me sad knowing we are going to die one day. But till that day comes, let's hope we become another star in the sky 🌌

  8. Towards the ending it was so calm it made me feel relaxed and i nearly fell asleep, by the way! I absolutely love the background with the tree and the night sky with the stars twinkling bright in the sky was so beautiful and just by looking at the background while the music got slower at the the ending made me nearly fell asleep (5:43 up until 7:13) I've been this relaxed in my life. Thank you so much for that.

  9. This honestly reminds me of the music from the game flower. And that's a compliment. Flower has one of my favourite soundtracks of all time. It's so beautiful and relaxing and it makes me want to melt into a puddle. I love it. You deserve way more views than you have, you're so talented. I literally used this piece to write a scene I had been stuck on in one of my stories. You're an inspiration.


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