Doro Phoneeasy 622 Easy to use mobilephone Overview


Stylish clamshell mobile phone with weather and remote management

Stylish camera phone with loud and clear sound. All details and functions are designed for ease of use, and you can even send video messages as easily as you take and share photos. Other features include direct memories and SMS button, charging cradle, Bluetooth®, weather forecasts and remote management with Doro Experience® Manager.

Easy to use camera with flash
Extra loud and clear sound
Manage content remotely

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  1. Given the likely users of this phone and video you need to slow down in your commentary. Rattling through it won't help anyone likely to consult your video.

  2. my wife and mother and law thinking about getting this phone does any know of this phone make a irritating noise with every keypress? if so can it be turned off without silencing the phone.

  3. That seems like a really nice phone….and not just for seniors either. Thanks for doing this review, although I've had smartphones, tablets and soon to arrive phablet.

    It may be easier for me just to carry a small phone around for mainly calls and text and leave the phablet for mainly home entertainment.

  4. That would be great for an elderly relative of mine who's never used a mobile. Not too complicated and does just what they'd need. Good idea really.


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