Cute Cowboys Ride the Little Tikes Giddy Up 'N Go Pony


This might be my best mom hack EVER! I really wanted to go to the mall, but my kids didn’t wan to go. So, I let them dress in their boots and bring a pony to ride instead of riding in the stroller. They rode it between every store, and they were perfectly well behaved. Now for my review of this item for others considering buying it, since I have see some similar ones at places like Costco recently. We were lucky enough to borrow this adorable Little Tikes Giddy Up ‘N Go Pony from some friends! My family loved the realistic way you have to help it trot along. The only thing to consider, if you plan to buy this toy, is that it does not work on carpet–it must be used on tile, wood or some other smooth surface for best performance–hence the reason bringing it to the mall was one of my best ideas yet!

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