"Confess Already" by Jeon SORAN and Yu Jae Seok [Running Man Ep 469]


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  1. Despite the fact that this song was just made for the fanmeeting, "Confess Already" is such a good song.

    Beat is nice and catchy, lyrics are unique and lovable, the atmosphere is full of joy and excitement… bla bla bla

    I think this song will be famous if they release it as a "real song" with its own MV (not a "fanmeeting song")

    Imagine the number of times people sing this song whenever they want to confess to someone they love

    I really love this song (From the first time I heard it, I already liked it. And now I love it, not because of the people who sang it). I still love Jeon Soran & Yoo Jae Suk ☺️

    To sum up, this song is VIRAL ✨

    This song is insane.
    People who read and like my whole damn long comment are "insane" and cute, too 😊🤣❤️

    To the people who are reading up to this line, I hope y'all having a good day and thank you for reading my comment 😌👍

    Bye 👋

  2. I'm so proud of Somin! I became a fan of Running Man because of her, I saw her first in Somethibg About 1% and after that I became so curious about her. I totally became a fan after the news that she will be joining the show as a regular member. Our talented JeonSoBari! Please keep shining and smiling!

  3. I really hated so min from the moment she became a running man member, what an annoying girl!!! shes so lovable to the point I cant even stop myself from adoring her!! How did it come to this??

  4. Is ko young bae married? Because theres not much information about him and Soran band in general on the internet though i already saw him and his band in multiple korean shows before. Huhu anyone know? Because i wanted to ship him with somin but i noticed in his ig theres videos and pics of babies, wondered if that's his kids haha

  5. Whenever I watch videos from this event, I can't stop myself from crying remembering the spy and its mission T___T
    I can't help but love running man. The members but also the staff behind it.

  6. Addicted to this song!!! Can’t stop listening to it. Also, can we just acknowledge that they got the most decibels? Appreciated the band for their helping with songwriting, such talent!

  7. I may not understand the whole song since I'm a Filipino and Im not literate in korean language yet BUT THIS IS DAEBAK !!! What a great performance. I fell inlove with the song the first time I heard it. <3 Great job SORAN, Jun SoMin and Jae Suk oppa ^_^

  8. Jsm was so charming and cute..pretty as well..thats why this day jk also so close to her😂😍….because of her i become rm fans, because of her i visit more youtube and her ig ac..lol😂….i'm always ready to fire back anti fans toxic ccomment with athousands toxic words…because this at least i can do for her as a fans and to show my love towards her.


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