Boot Almost ANY PC From a USB Drive! – Plop Boot Manager Tutorial


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Today I’ll be demonstrating Plop Boot Manager, an extremely useful tool that allows you to boot from a USB drive on computers that don’t natively support it!

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  1. does anyone now how to install this on a wetab 3g 32gb? All the documentation on how to do that is gone.(the servers with the documentation are gone)

  2. I have a computer just like that in working condition and I automatically subscribed to your channel, so I can see what I can do with it.

  3. I used plop on a PC with no USB boot option and its hard disk was just cleaned with Darik's boot and nuke. My question is : Do I need to install Hiren's boot CD on the USB together with the OS? I tried using plop but USB with OS only does not seem to work. Please help. Thanks.

  4. I just can't understand how to use Plop, do I install it on the OS I am about to replace? or do I install it on the USB drive which has the new OS / Distro? I have an old Toshiba Tecra M1 laptop with XP installed, and I want to replace it with a Linux distro, but there is no option to boot from a usb in the bios of that laptop.

  5. Great that you are showing others what I have been doing for around 4 years. I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100 laptop that has that same problem. With PLOP, I can boot into just about any OS or programs on a USB Device. Thanks for posting this for others. : = )

  6. I booted usb form this and it worked. I wanted to install prime OS on an old pc but I can't use keybord to access any option.

  7. None of my pcs support usb boot and I don't have any dvds at this moment. I thought I couldn't use plop since I don't have any dvds.

    But I didn't know it was that small like others it could fit on a floppy!

  8. I use this to boot linux on an very old netbook because i didnt have the bios password is there any privacy issues with that;;

  9. Doesen't work and this is not a tutorial. You don't explain what needs to be done so a usb is recognized. You just clicke USB. No Setup tutorial.

  10. Hi! I use this manager, but after "LOADING EHCI DRIVER" HOST1 PORT5: DEVICE IS CONNECTED, and its all . nothing happens. what is the problem plz? I was tried iso with RUFUS, and easy2boot too, all 2 have same this problem on all my usb slot.

  11. I like your video. Plop is an emulator that you can use to boot from the USB that doesn't support booting from USB. In fact, I got 2 Compac Deskpro PC's from the dump and they are Windows 98 systems. Can you take a look on using Windows Whistler on the $5 Windows 98 PC.

  12. Plop boot manager is a marvel of software. However, some bioses are bad with it. Some bioses have support for usb, but it will boot slowly from flashdrives and Plop can be used to speed up usb boot time process from usb. Some Gigabyte motherboards with Award Bios 6 will make Plop to hang or just do nothing when we select usb. We can also use Plop to delibrely slow down usb boot time by holding shift+u or shift while usb is selected and we press enter. Plop seems to not allow us to boot from usb pci cards. The site says we can integrate Plop into Bios as a Bios module. I think i tried this once but it never did load…. the website and google does not give information on this subject.

  13. Yep, like the others, I too have a long history of using Plop boot manager. I wish the guy would create a new one that chainloads MBR bootloaders on EFI machines that don't have oldschool compatibility.

  14. I used to use this software years ago. I forgot the name and was just looking for it again a few weeks ago. Thank you so much for posting this!

  15. I've used plop myself it's phenomenal and great to see a tutorial for those that may not have used it before to show how incredibly useful it can be 👍


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