BMW Dash Removal Guide | X3 (E83) 2003+ | BAVSOUND for Satellite Radio or Head Unit


Bavarian Soundwerks walks you through the simple steps in removing your X3 (E83) center dash when removing and replacing the OEM (factory) radio, adding satellite radio, or for any other reason. This is a simple procedure that should take no more than 5-10 minutes.

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  1. Pls help me fix a similar audio system in a 2004 x3 model, which was not having the heads up display, cant get the heads up display to display information from the main unit. Will appreciate your help

  2. Very helpful in understanding dash removal
    Usually sometimes you end up breaking the plastic learning..thanks

  3. Hi very nice work. Does the BMW x3 2007 msport built in screen supports video playing or do I have to install different screen if I wanna install rear camera. Thanks in advance

  4. At 2:45 you said "Maybe you are upgrading radios from an earlier model X3 to a later model X3". Where canI find which X3 model radios would work with a 2008 X3? I am sure I couldn't put a 2011 (F25) X3 Radio in there.

    I just installed your soundplicity unit and love. I can't wait to install the SAT & get an iphone to connect to it.

  5. I am looking for Climate control frame for BMW X3. The one I have is loose so heater lights does not appear unless to push the frame backwards. Does anyone know where to find it??

  6. Save money, go to eBay and search for 3.5mm aux radio adapter cable for BMW e83. Purchase that. And get installation instructions here in PDF format,

  7. My radio started to act funky recently. I can not change stations or select my navigation. Only thing that works is the pre-set radio stations via the steering wheel and the volume controls. Ideas? I already tried unplugging the radio and replugging it back in, nothing. I am almost at the point of replacing the OEM radio with a new one…That will be a few hundred bucks. Help?

  8. bavsound,
    I have a bwm x3 and I want to install this navigation system to it. BMW X3 E83 Car GPS Navigation with GPS Radio SWC – HD Screen. Is it possible to place the player in the bottom compartment where the smoke adapter is located at? Any videos on how to install it too?
    Thank you


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