BEST TWITCH PLAYS Of The WEEK #1: Overwatch Moments, Highlights and Funny Moments


How are you liking this new video format? Let us know below!
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  1. How are you liking this new video format? Let us know below!

    ► Join NOW! -25% OFF SPECIAL

  2. I like this a lot, im a healer slut so obv id like to see some healer gameplay but i overall really like this type of analysis

  3. Moira's lock on… if you move your aiming cursor more or less around an enemy, they take damage. You can move it around their bodies pretty freely, not aiming directly at them at all and they keep taking damage until you really aim somewhere to Narnia. You can test it easily in practice range. You don't have to aim directly at enemies at all to damage them. You only have to move the cursor manually close to them. I guess it's not full lock on in sense that your cursor would lock on their bodies and stay there, but the damage being dealt works as lock on. It's clearly visually represented that way too, when you look at where your cursor aims, you look at the purple beam coming out of an enemy, it doesn't match at all. It's completely different from typical aiming and those who complain about it have a point. It's also garbage and should be reworked. The range is way too good for an attack that requires almost no aim.

  4. You forgot to mention that if Doc would've shot before flashing and got the one shot off after flashing, he'd have killed the Ana.

  5. This is one of my favorite videos from you in a while!
    10x better than the montage I was expecting when I clicked

  6. super did block gig's shatter, at least was supposed to.. if you slow down you can see the shield icon going orange at the bottom right meaning he did deploy it…

  7. Gud video! I like the disrespect clip 😂 And 1 question, what are your thoughts about the coronavirus?

    Btw, greetings from the Netherlands! 🇳🇱🇳🇱

  8. Jow, in the clip of Dr disrespect he flashes the Ana, but instead of headshot her 2 times, you could also do the secondary fire. Than you fire the six shots! I know that everybody try to double headshot but secondary fire still effectif right?

  9. 2:00 I would say keep moving but walk Straight Arrow towards them and not strafe just so you're still a moving Target from others

  10. Thought this was just gonna be a montage of clips, but this is a much better format. Lots of info to gain from breaking down these clips

  11. Oh I like this. Instead of just a montage like NoobHunter, you actually break it down and explain why the clip even happened. Sort of like Behind the Akshon. I look forward to this!


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