Best Songs of Kim Taeyeon (김태연 최고의 노래모음)


—————————Track list—————————
1. [0:00] Like a star 별처럼
2. [3:57] If 만약에
3. [8:22] Can you hear me 들리나요
4. [12:23] Closer 가까이
5. [16:26] And one 그리고 하나
6. [20:42] I love you 사랑해요
7. [24:04] Missing you like crazy 미치게 보고싶은
8. [27:39] Different 달라
9. [32:01] Bye
10. [36:33] Lost in love 유리아이
11. [40:33] Common word like I Love You 사랑한다는 흔한 말
12. [45:44] It’s love 사랑인걸요
13. [50:02] 7989
14. [53:35] Set me free
15. [57:56] Breath 숨소리

► The ‘♫’ shows you which one is playing.


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And [DO NOT REUP THIS VIDEO], I really cant understand why people keep re-uploading thing that’s not their in their channel!!


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  1. I always go back to this video whenever I want to feel sad or something 🤧 I really love Taeyeon’s voice ❤️

  2. I love Taeyeon voice so much, but in this video, there are many of her songs I have never heard before. Great to find this song list to me for me to know more about her songs.

    I won’t be surprised if people start learning Korean because of Taeyeon.


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