Arri WCU-4 Wireless Lens Control – Video Tutorial

57 shows you how to set up and operate the new Wireless Control Unit (WCU-4) for giving you complete control over focus, iris, and zoom, on cinema lenses.



  1. Silly question, how does the unit know the lens info? I have Sigma CINE PL mount glass with no digital connector for lens info.

  2. Being forced to learn this thing for our crane camera. I can’t stand this thing. Not user friendly, stiff menus, worthless.

  3. what cameras did you use to shoot this video?
    colors and skin tone are excellent!

  4. 2:10 FIZ Motor Operation Selection & Connection
    3:23 Changing Hand-Unit Channel
    4:50 Calibrating FIX Motors to Hand-Unit
    6:27 Changing Camera Settings via Hand-Unit
    7:20 Setting Digital Focus Marks
    8:17 Removing Digital Focus Marks
    8:42 Making A Lens Profile (via Hand-Unit) [only needed if Lens not Data ready]
    9:50 Making A Lens Profile (via Camera) [only needed if Lens not Data ready]
    11:02 Selecting Pre-Marked Focus Discs (for Hand-Unit)
    11:30 Calibrating for Individual Focus Discs (via Hand-unit)
    12:00 Motor Set-Up (for Hand-Unit) – Torque/Direction
    12:33 Adjusting Hand-Unit Backlight
    13:10 Adjusting Hand-Unit Torque Resistance

  5. Thanks. Very accurate and good video. Just on my way to Arri Rental right now. Was good times fresh up the knowledge. Thanks.

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  7. this is a great tool. but does anyone think eventually autofocus in cinema cameras is the future? already in some canon and sonys we can tap a face or object and get very accurate autofocus and tracking focus. seems like this will make life a lot easier for dps and camera ops.

  8. hello friends I am Cinematographer Pintu Verma from India really thanks for you all team you are good information

  9. Awesome Video really love the website too, Do you guys think you can do a video on the Arri Alexa XT Plus? I know its not exactly a new camera but there are zero overview videos like you guys do them.


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