Arcade 1Up Mods! Change Out The Controls, Add More Games?


Today we are addressing these major reveals over the last few days.

1. Can you switch out the buttons and joysticks?
2. Can you hack the machine and put more games on it?
3. How tall are the dang risers officially!?
4. What is the deal with Canadian pricing and what cabinets can you buy in the great white north?
5. What is the difference between Fry’s Deluxe Machine and Best Buy’s Deluxe Machine?
6. Will the European market get bat top joysticks or other different parts on their machines?
7. When is Space Invaders coming out?
8. Will there be any more Namco titles besides Pacman and Pacman Plus?
9. Where can I get some insider information?

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Walmart Riser:

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  1. hi, asking an expert, i found Midway Satan's Hollow Complete Stack Pcb MCR II on ebay , can i buy a 1 up arcade and use this to install the board and play the arcade version of this game

  2. I found out that if you are using a Sanwa JLF or JLF clone joystick, you can still use the Arcade1up joystick mounts. the 4 screws on the middle of the JLF mounting plate (around the shaft) line up exactly with the Arcade1up mounting plate. no need to try to re-center or drill new holes for the joystick. just unscrew the 4 center screws from the both plates, and swap them.

  3. In the middle of getting married this month and then the honeymoon. BUT. next year all my taxes go twords my arcade 1up garage

  4. I have the 12 in 1 cab that does not come with a joystick. Would I be able to swap out a button to ad a working joystick?

  5. Just got the Pac-Man machine. I think pretty soon you will see a control board that you can switch out that will have the built in emulater.

  6. Are they going to start releasing this machines with more reliability? I read a lot of bad reviews online and the one I bought doesn’t work correctly.

  7. Great vid. I just bought pac man and I'm having issues with the joystick. Do you happen to know what will Arcade do to help me?

  8. people shouldn't be complaining about prices because they have to realize… taxes, free medical isn't free.

    When we send our stuff across the border Canada taxed us. Guess who's paying the taxes? Canadians.

  9. I just pulled out all the buttons. bad move for me cause i don't know how to put in the new buttons i bought. f…

  10. for the riser if they already have the tools, they can make it for under 20.  if they don't..  the will spend over 40 lol.

  11. Dont bother wasting time hacking that board. Replace it with a small PC or raspberrypi my good man.
    You have everything you need already after that.

  12. I just swapped sticks on my SF2 cabinet to Sanwa sticks with bat tops, octagonal gate and 2lb springs. Night and day difference. So much better with good sticks. Can actually pull off moves effortlessly now 😁

  13. I seen them in my Walmart for about $400 it’s kinda high to play something that’s limited to just the few select few games or game it comes with. I guess the buying point in this would be taste. I grew up when they had real arcades and the managers would walk around with wods of cash in there hands. It’s something you don’t see anymore. That and malls. Some malls are closing up shop.

  14. What we'd like to see is the inside of the cab. Who cares about the proprietary board. We knew that's how it was going to be. We can always switch that out with a dedicated PC. But what type of monitor is being used? How is it mounted? What are the dimensions? Is it using VGA, DVI or HDMI?


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