AORUS vs STRIX: Why My 1080 Ti Showdown Doesn't Matter


AORUS vs STRIX: Why My 1080 Ti Showdown Doesn’t Matter
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Gigabyte AORUS GTX 1080 Ti:

Motherboard – Gigabyte AX370 Gaming 5 –
CPU – Intel i7 7700K @ 4.9GHz –

Many thanks to ASUS and Gigabyte for providing the GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards for this video.

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► Edited by Joe Aguilar – ShaostylePostProductions

*Paul also did a significant amount of editing on this one

Music by Kevin MacLeod
Audio file(s) provided by AudioMicro


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  1. I have an aorus xtreme model and it consistently boosts to 2150 mhz with power slider maxed and sits around 74 C°

  2. Why is finding the correct parts for a pc the hardest thing in the universe to do, It’s harder than quantum physics and rocket science.

  3. damn i paid 850 for my xtreme aorus 1080 but my clock speeds are higher cant argue the orange accents though i wish it was solid black never the less i love it and the card runs everything on a 1st gen I7 build flawlessly

  4. The Aorus has a better cooler. The Asus is made very cheaply, I own a Strix 1070 and have had issues with the rgb and fan.

  5. At the end of the day 1080ti's come down to thetmal temps and fan noise. The cooler the better, and if the fans are quite silent that's a win win

  6. I've had the Aorus GTX 1080Ti Xtreme for well over a year now & I'm pretty please with it. I REALLY like the all metal construction of that shroud and the accents are just thin enough that they're not too distracting from the rest of my build white & blue themed build inside my Tower 900. It's a decent card & great for actual work too doing entry level video editing & After Effects work.

  7. This is what I'm going through right now. Can you create an updated version of this video for the 20xx line of Invidia? I'm confused about which 2070 to get.

  8. Always wait a few months for the factory OC version, Aorus Ti Extreme. Gigabyte will always be slightly slower as they design for durability, also the ASUS and Gigabyte RnD facility are shared so i am sure they have some sort of agreement regarding final specification

  9. U can choose based on overclocking capability or a more realistic durability. If u are the latter then first off DON'T get a gigabyte. Gigabyte are still using the same windforce fans from their 900 series. Those fans are poorly built and suffer a lot of wind turbulence they will snap off within one year. Second, even if they give u a good GPU chip the rest of the components on their PCB are of poor quality. My 980ti blew out a power IC in 3 years (if u decided that a GPU that u paid as much as ur entire PC combined is supposed to die in 3 years then u clearly don't care about ur money that much) 3 years might make sense for a GPU that was overclocked but I used mine without overclocking. It should have lasted 5 years. Gigabyte may overclock well but the build quality is trash.

  10. Oh my god finally thank you, been looking for a good video about these two cards specifically. I’m leaning towards the Asus but I’m seeing that it’s 1000-1100 right now? Is that accurate and will it change by Black Friday or CM? The Aorus is only 740 right now so I’m not entirely sure, depends on prices when those sales come

  11. Gigabyte Aorus 1080ti in my opinion looks better with a slight orange color since it fits my setup. The Strix is overrated. To be fair, both have the same performance and the same temp. Only difference is 1-2 fps and thats about it. They both look good. It's all up to you're taste. Both are powerful high-end graphic cards so keep that in mind.

  12. Guys help, i installed this Gtx 1080ti on my pc, uninstalled all drivers using DDU and re-installed it again.
    Someone please help,

    My specs:
    I7 6700k
    Aourus Gtx 1080ti (same one as this video)
    Psu: rm 650w

  13. The whole GAY RGB thing needs to end..  No need to feel like you're in a 1990's Rave when you hit your power button.


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