AOMEI Partition Assistant – Windows Disk Manager failed to allow RAID drive re-use, here's the fix!


Disk Manager Fails, but AOMEI removed RAID partition by turn it from GPT to MBR, then turning it back back to GPT and formatting it NTFS.
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  1. Good day, I hope your reading comments!

    [Information Code: 45
    Description: Failed to initialize this disk.]
    This whats happening to my 2tb hard drive, The story of this drive! I buy brand new only days ago, I tried to do a drive copy using AOMEI PRO on a windows 10 system. Somewhere in the middle off the drive copy, something reset the USB connections and the copy process was interrupted! after that I was unable to continue the drive copy and get this message when trying to do it again:[Information Code: 45
    Description: Failed to initialize this disk.]
    I have had to do a shutdown to remove the drive as I was concerned it could get damaged if I simply disconnected it as the computer would not clear it for disconnection. Next thing after a cold boot, I connected the external 2 TB drive and it's only flashing fast and a few times a constant light! I have attempted using diskpart, and windows drive manager as Admin to no avail. IS THERE a work around in AOMEI to bring this drive back to normal ? OR????? Thank you

  2. I used AOMEI and for 3 days have been working with their tech team, because their software gets to 46% or 68% or 94% and then STOPS with EROR CODE 218 and they will NOT refund me the $50.00, I have defrag system did a system file clean checked partitions with Disk Management changed drive letters the list goes on and they still will NOT refund me even with their ERROR CODE 218 and NOT COMPLETING the clone process  BUYER BEWARE!!!!

  3. in fact I used AOMEI partition assistant standard edition and it ruined my flash drive, I can't fix it using cmd nor computer management nor diskpart, do you think I can still fix it using some thing else?

  4. Hi, i have problem with converting to GPT, i can't choose that option, what now? After i doing something (start formating, or quick formating in program jump out error 102 message, I thing..), usb is gone and i most go in disk manager to change drive letter and reload AOMEI program. Can you help me ? P.S. I have unlimited version… Sorry for bad launguge I hope that you will understand 🙂

  5. 1:58 my AOMEI is really laggy and I have to click the lower portion that said "Disk 2" to change the Apply button from grey to green when I try to create partition. Even after that, my version is trial and it doesn't allow me to make partition.


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